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Improve your love life! Whether it's sexual intimacy, relationships, finding a partner, increased libido or attracting a soulmate, choose any of the products in the Love & Attraction category to help you NOW!  

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Desire Me/Love Me Only Gemstone Power Ring

Makes your lover have eyes for you only! Makes him or her stay home and be good and honest, no more lies or running the streets. Get and hold that Strong Love!
From $5.00

Drawing Love, Money, and Success

Be lucky, prosperous and happy at all times. Live the easy life and make all your problems go away!
$10.00 $8.50


Puts a "Spell" on your lover or whomever you desire - to have eyes for you only.

Fire Of Love HQ Incense

Bring strong and true love close to you. Makes your current love hot and sexy! Burn this incense to have hot passionate sex and to make yourself irresisitable to your lover. Bring the romance back into your life!
From $5.00

Fire Of Love Spiritual Oil

Anoint your ears, chest, and wrist for your love relationship to heat up. Get back the romance you once had in your special relationship with this powerful oil!
From $4.50

Fire Of Love/Flaming Passion Doll Magic

Keep the fire in your relationship burning strong! Bring passion back into your love life. This doll will bring hot passionate sex and romance to you and your lover!
From $12.95

For Happy Love and Good Friendships Necklace

This powerful charm should be worn to draw on the wisdom of the old and bring Happiness and Love into the life of the wearer.

For Winning a Lover's Heart Necklace

This powerful charm should be worn to win a lover's heart.

Haitian Love Drops Oil

This special blend of oils, spices, herbs, and gold dust is especially formulated to help you gain control over your love life so you will be happy in love. Helps get you what you want from your lover. Get joy, sex, money, control, and more! This is a great working and very powerful oil!

Health Love and Money Herbal Incense

Have it all! Good Health, Good Love and lots of Money - it can all be yours! Be successful in life!
From $6.50

Health, Money, and Love Gemstone Bracelet

By wearing this bracelet you can have anything and everything you have always wanted! Have love, attract money and be financially stable and wealthy for the rest of your life! Do it all and forever be healthy while doing it!
From $10.00

High Conquering Love & Wealth Buddha

Experience Love & Wealth when you invite this very powerful Buddha in your life.
$15.00 $7.98

Honey Love Oil

Powerful Products of South America: Stops your Lover from Running Around & Cheating on you. Use to seduce your man or woman; so they, want you - only! Makes you irresistible to the person you so desire. Can be used by Women & Men! Instructions Included.
$15.00 $9.95

Honey Love Pheromone Oil

$20.00 $12.95

Honey Of Love Candle

Acheive total admiration and desire from the person you want! Use this candle to bring that "special someone" even closer to you! Be irresistable and have your way! Add Honey Love Oil (X1230 - $7.98) for MAXIMUM SEX & LOVE POWER!
$12.95 $9.95

Honey of Love Mystical Astral Candle

This candle was prepared with astral essence of love, which has magical powers of attraction and infatuation. Sweeten your lover's heart. Make them desire you, only and marry you, if that is your wish.
$30.00 $14.95

Honey of Love Spray

Spray on your wrists, neck, navel area or inner thighs to get the person you want, whenever you are around them. This powerful Seduction spray will help influence the person of your desires- so they want to be passionate and sexy with you and give you good love. Sweeten them up, so that you will create a strong bond- mentally and physically- with the person who you want to be with. Get the affection, admiration and respect that you so deserve! Only $9.95 [2oz. pump spray]

Hot Love Spiritual Oil

Is your partner acting cold towards you? Pour a few drops in your bath or around your bedroom and watch your mate get REAL HOT! This oil will bring lots of passion to your bedroom!
From $4.50

Keep the Love True Master Power Bag

Never be alone again. Love and be loved always by the one you most desire - and make it lasting and true. With faith in God, the person you truly love may respond to you and come back to be with your forever.
$25.00 $15.00

Lady Who Lost Her Lover Kit

If your lover left you, this kit can help you bring him back! Use this kit with faith and power and you can have him back for good! Do not lose your lover again - bring him closer to you!
$59.98 $30.50

Love & Wealth Buddha

Experience Love & Wealth when you invite this very powerful Buddha in your life.

Love Attraction Lotion

Hold the person you love, get affection and appreciation now!

Love Breaker Spiritual Oil

Use this oil to break up two people. Use it to draw that person you love closer to you and leave their partner for you. Sprinkle a few drops in their path and watch them come running to you!
From $4.50

Love Come Back To Me/Break-Up Other Lovers Lucky Rabbit Foot Kit

Get your lover back and they will pay attention to you and desire you ONLY! Make sure no one comes between you and your lover. You can also use this kit to break-up or seperate any two people that are getting in your way! You know they don't belong together, so make them seperate for good!
$19.99 $14.95

Love Come To Me/Ever Lasting Love Doll Magic

Find that special someone who can make all of your love desires a reality! Find love and make it last forever!
From $12.95