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Improve your love life! Whether it's sexual intimacy, relationships, finding a partner, increased libido or attracting a soulmate, choose any of the products in the Love & Attraction category to help you NOW!  

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Love Me Only Pheromone Oil

$20.00 $12.95

Love Me Only Spiritual Oil

Use this oil on your chest area and behind your ears while repeating your lover's name three times. Do this for 7 days in a row for great results!
From $4.50

Love Me Only/Come To Me Herbal Power Bag

Use this bag to draw your loved one close to you, so that they may desire you, and be with you only. This bag also helps to keep others away from your object of affection!
From $10.00

Love Me Only/Come to Me Pull-Out Candle

Use this Love me Only Come to Me Pull-Out Candle to make the person that you have been wanting love you only, and come to you only.
$30.00 $12.95

Love Me Quick Extra Strong Perfume

This powerful perfume draws that special someone to you QUICK! Get lucky in love with this Fast Acting Love Perfume!
From $5.00

Love Me Spiritual Oil

Pour a few drops of this special oil in your bath and watch your mate fall deeper in love with you. Works great to draw your partner to you, or bring great love into your life!
From $4.50

Love Me Tonight Extra Strong Perfume

Use this perfume for a romantic night between you and your lover. He or she will be wild for your love and affection.
From $5.00

Love Me XXX Perfume

Find true love with this sweet smelling perfume. Find true love with no more lies, cheating, or playing games. Find your soul mate now!

Love Me/Come To Me Ju Ju Jar

Attract your lover closer for a stronger love when you use this powerful Love Me/Come To Me Ju Ju Jar or use it to attract a new love. Either way this Love Me and Come To Me Ju Ju Jar works for most love situations!
From $15.00

Love Potion Kit

Make your love strong and true! Have a happy relationship with the one you love! They will desire you ONLY and Give you what you want! Make him or her fall in love with you again and again!
$33.00 $12.95

Love Potion Oil

Conquers any love problems
From $6.65

Love Potion Powerful Fixed 50 Hour Candle

Find, keep, or hold on to love. Make your love strong so your mate will desire you and you only!
$10.95 $7.98

Love Potion Seal Oil

Are you lonely? If the answer is YES, then you must try our LOVE POTION Seal Oil. LOVE POTION is used for hopeless and desperate cases, when you just can't get a lover or keep one!
$8.95 $4.99

Love Potion Spiritual Oil

This is the best oil to strengthen your current love or to attract someone closer to you. Wear it as a perfume on your pulse points to make your love deep and true!
From $4.50

Love Potion Triple Strength Oil

This oil is used for Hopeless and Desperate situations, when you just cant find a lover or keep one. Use this TRIPLE STRENGTH oil to get and maintain Strong Love! Find and Keep a Love that is good and honest.
From $10.00

Love Potion/Desire Me Herbal Power Oil

Try this very potent oil that will strengthen your love or draw someone closer to you. This oil has the power to make your loved one bow down to you and obey your every command. They will be madly in love with you and desire you only!

Love Power Crystal

Comes With: A pair of Love Power Crystals, Love Power Pouch, Good Luck Crystal Oil, Love Power Seal, and Easy Directions. Use these crystals- They make your loved one stay faithful to you ONLY and makes them obey you and give you what you want! They are also used in uniting two people in marriage or bringing back a lost love. FIND AND HOLD TRUE LOVE! They will also work to remove evil and negativity around you so you can acheive peace of mind and inner balance.
From $12.50

Love Seduction Pheromone Oil

$20.00 $12.95


Put a "spell" on your lover to make them stay close and desire and want you, only- no one else.
From $9.00

Lover's Delight Finest Quality Incense

Draws your man or woman closer to you and gives your love the "extra strength" it needs. Improve your relationship and bring back the romance!
From $5.00

Lovers Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle under bed to draw love your way, make love better and stronger, or keep your lover coming back to you!
From $3.49

Lovers HQ Incense

Make that special person love and desire you and only you - they will want no one else! Have a strong relationship. Burn this for a romantic night between you and your special person! It will bring hot romance and true love!
From $5.00

Lovers Incense Sticks

Draw your lover closer to you! Burn to make sure they are faithful and give you strong true love!
From $3.65

Lover's Secret Finest Quality Incense

Secretly draw your love closer to you. No one will know and no one will stop you. Make him or her notice you and have eyes for you only!
From $5.00

Lovers Spiritual Oil

This oil is to be worn by both partners to bond your love together so that no one or nothing can come between you two. Wear it as a perfume on your pulse points or use in the bath.
From $4.50