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Improve your love life! Whether it's sexual intimacy, relationships, finding a partner, increased libido or attracting a soulmate, choose any of the products in the Love & Attraction category to help you NOW!  

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Strong Love Bubble Bath Liquid Soap

Use this sweet smelling Strong Love Bubble Bath Liquid Soap to attract, draw, and hold onto the one you want. Use it to increase the strength of your relationship and make your love stronger than ever before, bring the romance back into your life!
From $6.65

Strong Love Candle (Heart Shaped Base)- Pink

Unite and Strengthen your relationship with strong love and harmony. No one will ever come to crush your love. This candle when burned, will make your love unbreakable.
$20.00 $12.95

Strong Love Candle- Red

Unite and Strengthen your relationship with strong love and harmony. No one will ever come to crush your love. This candle, when burned will make your love strong and unbreakable!
$20.00 $12.95

Strong Love Chakra Pendant (Rose Quartz)

Super Charged and Amazingly Powerful Strong Love Chakra Pendant will help to draw love into your life.

Strong Love Highest Power Cologne

Use the Strong Love powerful fragrance to enhance the passion in your relationship. Or use it to attract a special someone you have had your eyes on. Make him or her want you and only you! Works great and smells great.
From $6.65

Strong Love Incense Cones

Draw your lover closer to you! Burn to make sure they are faithful and give you strong true love! Have the relationship you have always wanted.
From $4.50

Strong Love Perfume

Wear this powerful perfume to make your love relationship stronger and bind your lover to you! Make your lover come to you, desire you and want you, only!
$15.00 $9.95

Strong Love Spray

Make your love be strong and true. Have passion and desire in your love life to have a great relationship.
$8.95 $6.99

Super Love Power Triple Strength Doll

Be happy and lucky in love with this doll! Use it to create a special bond with the person you desire and make them fall in love with you. Or use this doll to strengthen your existing relationship to make it stronger and truer in love!

To Keep a Lover or Friend Necklace

This powerful charm should be worn to draw on the wisdom of the old and bring a lifelong partner into the life of the wearer.

Triple Power Love Potion Kit

Ladies and Gentlemen, if your lover running wild in the streets? Are they spending all your money on partying ? Do you want them to love you and only you?
$48.99 $34.95

Triple Strength Love Me Now Super Love Package

"Love, come to me and stay, Desire me and never stray I want the truest of love for you and me Without you, happy I'll never be"
$32.50 $27.50

True Love & Respect Lodestone

Put lodestone in bag and pour magnetic sand inside. Carry in pocket or purse. Said to have Incredible Drawing Power!
From $4.50

True Love Extra Strength Perfume

Find true love with this sweet smelling perfume. Find true love with no more lies, cheating, or playing games. Find your soul mate now!
From $5.00

True Love Oil

makes your lover stay close and true to you
From $6.65

True Love Spiritual Oil

Put behind ears, on your forehead, and on your chest area while saying your lovers name three times and you will keep them close to you and you only. Use a small amount in your bathwater for extra strength! They will be true to you and you alone.
From $4.50

True Love/Come To Me Gemstone Power Pendant

Do you need quick help with your love life? Draw your lover close and make him/her stay close and desire you only when you wear The True Love/ Come To Me Rose Quartz Gemstone Power Necklace. Just state 3 wishes while holding it in your left hand against your heart and it will be done!
From $8.50

VooDoo Charm Necklaces - Love

This Voodoo Charm grants generous pleasure and true love to the wearer. Find your soul mate or finally get your lover to tie the knot. This love charm will bring happiness, love, and respect between two lovers.
$40.00 $24.95

XXX Love Adam & Eve Lovers Ring

Wear or Carry this ring to Love or to be loved. Bring 3 hearts together as one.
$11.95 $7.98