Destroys Everything (Evil) Necklace

Powerful talisman Destroys many things: Evil, Enemies, Witchcraft, the Devil, Voodoo, Jinx and Spells on you, Aches, pains, addictions, bad luck, money problems and more!
SKU: J1581

Gets RID OF and Destroys and Removes from you....the following: Evil & Evil Spirits, Voodoo & Witchcraft, bad luck and misery, curses & spells, jinxes & hex, aches, pains, & suffering, money & debt problems, all addictions & bad habits. Be Cleansed & Protected! 

To wear, this necklace comes in Silver with a Silver 24 inch chain.

To carry, place in a bag or pouch and carry in your purse, pocket or wallet. You may also keep it in your home in a secret place. Hold in your right hand and say your wish three times. Concentrate on your desires.

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