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Each Doll Kit comes with Parchment Paper, a Dove's Blood Ink Pen and 7 Pins. Choose the right one for your condition! Please Follow the Intructions inside.

All Protection Doll Magic

Protect you or your loved ones from all evil, harm, or jealousy. Stop all and any hexes, curses, or spells put on you. Stay protected with Doll Magic!
From $10.00

All Purpose/Luck In A Hurry Doll Magic

Use this for fast good luck in anything and everything! Change your life and be better in all things including, love matters, financial matters, and more!
From $10.00

BlockBuster/Road Opener Doll Magic

Use this to bust through any obstacles that may be holding you down. Open up your road of possilities and be happy!
From $10.00

Break Up/Go Away Doll Magic

Break up any two people who you believe don't belong together. Make them stay away from each other for good! Make the "other" person go away!
From $10.00

Casino/Jackpot Doll Magic

WIN BIG when you gamble! This is good for any game of chance. Use it for casino games, bingo, lottery, and more!
From $10.00

Cast Off Evil/Jinx Be Gone Doll Magic

Use this doll to get rid of all evil forces around you. Cat off any evil and jinx that has been put on you by your enemies. Suffer no more!
From $10.00

Controlling/Obey Me Now Doll Magic

Be in control and make everyone obey you! Use this doll to command the respect you deserve. Make others do as you say! Works on children, co-workers, lovers, and friends.
From $10.00

Fast Luck/Success Doll Magic

Use this doll to quickly be successful in all aspects of life! Find success at your job, in school, in love, and all other avenues! Feel good about yourself!
From $10.00

Fire Of Love/Flaming Passion Doll Magic

Keep the fire in your relationship burning strong! Bring passion back into your love life. This doll will bring hot passionate sex and romance to you and your lover!
From $10.00

Good Health/Peace Doll Magic

Have no more nervousness or sufferings! Get good health to make you strong and have peace of mind to live at ease!
From $10.00

Instant Cash/Money Drawing Doll Magic

This doll can bring you instant money from any source, WORKS FAST! Get your financial blessing now!
From $10.00

Leave Me Alone/Keep Away Enemies Doll Magic

Make your enemies leave you alone for good! Keep your enemies far from you and never be bothered by evil enemies anymore!
From $10.00

Love Come To Me/Ever Lasting Love Doll Magic

Find that special someone who can make all of your love desires a reality! Find love and make it last forever!
From $10.00

Power and Control/Conquer All Doll Magic

Have power and control over any situation. Conquer all your problems with Doll Magic. Overcome evil, fight enemies, receive blessing, and be protected!
From $10.00

Success For Children/Family Happiness Doll Magic

Helps your children or grandchildren be very successful in school, work, and in life! A successful family is a happy family.
From $10.00

To Do My Bidding Doll Magic

“I wait for thee to come command all godly powers to do as I say. I long for thee to grant all my desires, wishes & requests. I beg of thee to grace me with all the good fortune and abundance that you can bestow upon me.”
$25.00 $12.95

Win That Court Case/Get Out Of Jail Doll Magic

Use this doll to win your court case or to help get someone you love out of jail. Have the judge rule in your favor!
From $10.00

Male Voodoo Doll

The voodoo dolls are easy to use and are not harmful towards you! Use them for various things including but not limited to; money drawing, attraction, curses, protection from evil, court cases, revenge, health, and much more! INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED - Works on Men ONLY!
$15.00 $9.95

Trouble Dolls in Box

From Guatemala - These Trouble Dolls help remove any troubles you are having. Share your problems with the Indian Powered Dolls and watch them work "Doll Magic" for YOU! Comes with six dolls and instructions too!
From $5.00

Trouble Dolls with Bag

From Guatemala - These Trouble Dolls help remove any troubles you are having. Share your problems with the Indian Powered Dolls and watch them work "Doll Magic" for YOU! Comes with six dolls and instructions too!
From $5.00

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