One of our most powerful products for body, bath, or cleansing. These Double Action Oils help you in TWO ways- for TWO conditions. Double Power, Double Luck and Double Action! Use as a perfume or cologne, or add to bath water or cleaning water to get quick results! Comes in 2oz. Bottles with instructions. Select from 12 titles/conditions.

Better Business/Success Double Action Oil

Use to make your business draw lots of money and have success in all other matters, too.
From $6.65

Compelling/Controlling Double Action Oil

Compel others to you and then control them the way you want.
From $6.65

Controlling/All Purpose Double Action Oil

Places you in total control for all purposes.
From $6.65

Court Case/Law Stay Away Double Action Oil

Win your court case and keep the law away for good
From $6.65

Desire Me/Do As I Say Double Action Oil

Get people to desire you and get what you want.
From $6.65

Gamblers/Fast Luck Double Action Oil

Win lots of money and watch your luck turn only good!
From $6.65

Health/Spiritual Double Action Oil

Use for healing of the body and at the same time have spiritual healing and strength
From $6.65

Jinx Removing/Fast Luck Double Action Oil

Removes jinxes and turn your luck around to something wonderful. Fast working!
From $6.65

Lovers/Controlling Double Action Oil

Draw love to yourself and see that person come under your spell. Be in control of your loved one.
From $6.65

Money Drawing/Fast Luck Double Action Oil

Put some of this oil on your money and it will multiply quickly. You will have great luck your way
From $6.65

Uncrossing/Jinx Removing Double Action Oil

Removes all crosses and jinx with this powerful oil.
From $6.65

Victory Over Evil/Protection Double Action Oil

Stop that evil that is happening and make the devil run. Be protected with this oil.
From $6.65

Powerful Products of South America: Double Lucky "2 in 1" Fast Money Drawing Oil

This Double Action Red & Green Oil Draws Good Luck to you for anything you desire & for ANY condition. It Brings Fast Luck in all Gambling Games & Works as a Quick Puller! Use as a perfume or cologne, daily.
$30.00 $9.95