Double Good Luck 1oz Perfume Extract

This perfume was made to bring you good luck and fast, so you can be DOUBLE lucky in everything in your life- gambling games, family life, work, love matters- all areas of your life.
SKU: P5259

This perfume was made with your condition in mind. It is made from the extracts of natural flowers and herbs to bring to you double good luck. Use this perfume when you play any gambling game or game of chance.  Works with casino games, card games, dice games, games of chance, slot machines and lottery games! This is also a great smelling perfume, so you'll be smelling good and having great luck in any game you play! Also brings you fast luck in all other areas of your life--family matters, love life, work/job, and everything else! Just say your wish  3 times, before anointing your wrists, palms, chest or neck.

1 oz Perfume is $12.95each

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