18-in-1 Hemp PURE CASTILE SOAP - Over 150 years & 5 generations of Soap Excellence.

Rev. Moses Says,"This is the most Powerful Spiritual Cleansing Soap I have ever used - absolutely - no doubt about it!"

Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soaps are made with unique Old World Formulas that gives you a High Lather Cleansing like no other, and a Smooth Mild After feel. The users of this Magic Soap will Feel their Body-Mind-Soul be Cleansed! Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! Feel Fresh & Clean - Health is Wealth! The Unique Label on each Bottle contains Jesus' Manual of Discipline - the Moral ABC's of an All-One-God-Faith! For, we are ALL-ONE, or None! Let all the people of Luck Shop & Company Unite as One with this powerful binding soap. So, we can all be cleansed and pray for each other as One Good People! Praise Be to God! Amen.

Almond (Fast Money) Liquid Soap

Draw Money to your quick. Helps remove debt, so you can hold onto some money. Un-block that money, so you can buy what you need and want. Said to give good luck in hitting winning numbers and jackpots, too. Bathe before playing.
From $9.95

Baby Mild - Unscented (Protection from All) Liquid Soap

Be safe from all harm and danger. Do not worry or fear anything or anyone. You will be protected by the Grace of God. No gossip or evil deeds or spells will hurt you. Your enemies & all evil will stay away.
From $9.95

Lavender (High John the Conqueror) Liquid Soap

Conquer all problems, conditions and ANY negative situations you are facing- with Supreme Power. You will defeat your enemies and control those who you want to conquer. Overcome all obstacles!
From $9.95

Orange (Fast Luck/Success) Liquid Soap

Get some Good Luck- in a hurry! For whatever you need- Luck at gambling, luck with money, luck with family, luck with court cases, luck on the job, luck to get whatever you desire to make your life better!
$25.00 $16.95

Peppermint (Spiritual Cleansing) Liquid Soap

Cleans your body of anything bad, evil or cross. Gets rid of any un-wanted feelings or negative forces inside you. Moves out the bad, so your mind, body & soul can be pure & happy. This is Rev. Moses Favorite Soap!
From $9.95

Rose (Luv-Luv Potion) Liquid Soap

Brings that Strong Love & Passion your way. Draws that special person to you, with Power- so you are in control and the sole object of affection and desire. Have a happy, joyful, loving relationship with no fussing or fighting.
$25.00 $16.95

Tea Tree (Road Opener) Liquid Soap

Are you jinxed? Change your luck, now! Un-block all problems with money, love, job, family. Clear the path to open roads & bust thru any blocks. Stop that losing streak in life & get back on track! Be lucky and happy!
From $9.95

Eucalyptus (Turn Back Evil) Liquid Soap

Stops, Kills and Destroys evil curses, spells, and plots against you. Uncrosses you from any crossed Conditions you have on you. Sends back evil to whoever sent it. Reverses any voodoo or witchcraft sent your way.
From $9.95