Draw Fast Luck Kit

Pull luck your way and be successful! Be lucky in anything you do! FAST! Works for all things and situations - be lucky and in control!
SKU: K3120

Do you feel like you are the Unluckiest Person in the world? Are you saying to yourself "If it wasn't for bad luck, you wouldn't have no Luck all".....Well, get that Bad Luck out of your life and start Pulling in that Good Luck that you know you want....   Pull luck your way and be successful in all things you want in your life! Be lucky in anything you do in your life, fast! Works for all conditions and situations in your life - be lucky and in control of your life!

This kit comes with the following:
One Jumbo Yellow Candle
Four Household Yellow Candles
One Household Candle Holder
One Jumbo Candle Holder
One Dove's Blood Ink Pen
3 Small Pieces of Parchment Paper
One Small baggie of Success Salt
One 1/2oz Bottle of Success Oil

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