CLEARANCE: "Emerald" Crystal Dream Necklace

This Emerald Crystal Bottled Necklace is For Fast Luck and Money Drawing. These Herkimer Diamonds are natural double terminated quartz crystals. They are Powerful Dream crystals and help make your hopes, plans, and dreams come true! Keep them close to you for maximum results. Keep them close while you sleep to have lucky dreams and a peaceful good nights rest.
SKU: J4313

This Emerald "Diamond" Crystal Dream Necklace (in a Bottle) is for Fast Luck/Money Drawing. These Herkimer Diamonds are natural Double Terminated Quartz crytals. These are Powerful Dream crystals that help make your hopes, plans, and dreams come true! Keep them close to you, while you sleep To Have Lucky Dreams and a Peaceful Sleep.

Wear or carry as a pocket piece                                                                                                                    *Comes with black neck rope

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