The use of powders has long been recommended for spiritual, psychic and religious works. Many people use them for every day happiness and well-being. Users have told us how satisfied they have been with the fragrance and results. Use powders on your body daily after bathing or sprinkle where needed. 

4.95 Each or 3 for 12.96 - Mix and Match Any 3 Titles for Discounted Price!

All Purpose Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle in the corners of every room of your home to help you in luck, love, health and money or anything you desire.
From $4.32

Attraction Extra Strong Powder

Put some on your body after bathing to draw good things your way. Have money, luck, love, success, and much more!
From $4.32

Break-Up Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle down in someone's path where they walk over to break up their relationship. Or you can call their names while you blow the powder into the wind.
From $4.32

Come To Me Extra Strong Powder

Put some on your chest and behind your neck to bring someone to you or make them want to come to you.
From $4.32

Confusion Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle around where your enemies will step and confuse them. Or sprinkle in your shoes or home to stop your own confusion.
From $4.32

Controlling Extra Strong Powder

Wear or keep on your body to make sure you have control over others. Works on anyone!
From $4.32

Court Case Extra Strong Powder

Wear this everyday for 9 days before going to court so the judge will rule in your favor. Win your case!
From $4.32

Crossing Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle where your enemies will walk to cause them bad luck, and they will be crossed.
From $4.32

Do As I Say Extra Strong Powder

Wear this or sprinkle where others will walk to get them to do as you say!
From $4.32


Puts a "Spell" on your lover or whomever you desire - to have eyes for you only.
$25.00 $12.95

Fast Luck Extra Strong Powder

Wear or sprinkle in pockets or shoes to draw fast luck in all areas of your life!
From $4.32

Fast Money Extra Strong Powder

Use with your mojo bag or burn with incense to bring you fast money and winnings before playing any money game!
From $4.32

Healing Extra Strong Powder

Put a dab on your neck, wrist and feet, then light a white candle for a fast recovery.
From $4.32

High John the Conqueror Extra Strong Powder

Wear or sprinkle around your home to conquer any difficult situation.
From $4.32

Job/Work Extra Strong Powder

Wear this to work when you need a raise or promotion. Or wear this when filling out applications so you can get that good job! Works great!
From $4.32

Keep Away Enemies Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle in your shoes or in carpet to protect yourself and your home from evil spirits and evil doers!
From $4.32

Love Me Only Extra Strong Powder

Wear on your chest area and behind ears so that your loved one will only love you!
From $4.32

Lovers Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle under bed to draw love your way, make love better and stronger, or keep your lover coming back to you!
From $4.32

Lucky Dream Extra Strong Powder

Wear or put in pillow before sleeping to have a peaceful, quiet sleep and to dream lucky things or numbers!
From $4.32

Lucky Mojo Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle this to get that good vibing mojo back! Let the good luck roll as your sprinkle this powder in areas where you need financial help or want to win big!
From $4.32

Marriage Extra Strong Powder

Wear everyday to get that specail someone to marry you soon! Or use to make you marriage stronger and truer. Bring the romance back!
From $4.32

Money Drawing Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle in your home, purse, or wallet to attract money fast! Have money to pay your bills, debt, and finally buy all the things you have always wanted.
From $4.32

Moving Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle in the front and back doors of your home to move all evil spirits and negative vibes out! Sprinkle it around where your enemies touch and move them away from you!
From $4.32

Pay Me Now Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle on your body or Sprinkle in your wallet to receive that financial help you've been needing, fast!
From $4.32

Peace Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle around home, work, church, or any other place where you want to acheive peace. This powder will provide you with a peaceful and happy feeling.
From $4.32

Protection Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle around home, work, car, or other places that you need protection. This powder will keep away evil and protect you from all accidents and harm.
From $4.32


Rev. Moses "LUCKY HANDS" SAND Helps improve luck when playing any casino gambling game. Increase your Odds and WIN BIG!
$20.00 $10.00


This holy powder will protect the wearer of all the evil that may be surrounding them. Do not live in fear again!
$20.00 $12.95

Run Devil Run Extra Strong Powder

Sprinkle in your bedroom or shoes so you can run the devil away. This powder will make the devil and other evil run away, they can't stand the smell of this powerful powder.
From $4.32

Stay At Home Extra Strong Powder

Put some on your loved one's personal belonging's to make him/or her stay home and be with you.
From $4.32