Extra Strong Spiritual Oils

We feature Church Goods Co Highest Quality Extra Strong Spiritual Oils. Use the Power of Oils to anoint your body; to dress your candles, seals and charms; to bless your altar or anything in your home; to put in your bath water; to purify and cleanse any room in your house; to attract good luck; to send back any evil and many, many other uses. Say your wish and prayer before anointing yourself or any object. Concentrate on your desires; as faith moves mountains! It is good and effective to anoint your Pulse areas- wrists, neck, heart, ankles and behind the knees. The lasting power of oils is great and that is why reverends and wise practitioners make great use of the power of oils! Be blessed, today.

IF the oil you would like is not listed on our website, then please email us at info@luckshop.com with the title of the one you want. We have over 2500 oils and we cannot list them all. The price for any special oil is $7.98 for 1/2 ounce bottle.

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7-11 Holy Spiritual Oil

This oil is used for blessings to come down upon you. Rub the oil on the top of your head and bottoms of you feet and have luck in all number games.
From $4.50

Adam and Eve Oil Spiritual Oil

To be worn by either sex. It is to strengthen your love for each other. It should be worn as a perfume.
From $4.50

All Purpose Spiritual Oil

Take charge of any situation with this All Purpose oil.
From $4.50

All Spice Spiritual Oil

A very special oil for those who feel tired all the time. Anoint your neckline and feel the boost!
From $4.50

Altar Spiritual Oil

This oil is used to purify your holy items and altar. Anoint your holy items once a week.
From $4.50

Anointing Spiritual Oil

Anoint yourself and feel blessed and the love of god.
From $4.50

Attraction Spiritual Oil

Pour a few drops in your bath water for money or wear it as a perfume for love.
From $4.50

Bayberry Spiritual Oil

This oil is used to bring riches into your household. Sprinkle a few drops into your purse, wallet or around your home.
From $4.50

Bend Over Spiritual Oil

This oil is used to make anyone bend to your will and do as you say. Sprinkle a few drops around your home.
From $4.50

Bingo Spiritual Oil

Anoint your hands and any lucky items before playing. You will be the one screaming "BINGO" most the time.
From $4.50

Black Art Spiritual Oil

This oil is used for crossing one's enemies by sprinkling it in their path. It will bring heartache and pain wherever they go.
From $4.50

Black Cat Spiritual Oil

This oil will bring you the luck you have been looking for. Anoint all personal charms, seals and candles.
From $4.50

Block Buster Spiritual Oil

Anoint your temples, palms and feet to bust through any situations or problems that enemies may have put in your way.
From $4.50

Boss Fix Spiritual Oil

Rub on your bosses or supervisors chair or sprinkle in their path to get the raise or promotion you have been waiting for.
From $4.50

Break Up Spiritual Oil

Place seven drops of oil on a black candle with the names of the two people you wish to separate. Soon you will be the object of desire.
From $2.99