Fast Luck & Success Incense Sticks 20 Sticks - 1 Pack

Burn these powerful incense sticks to bring fast luck and success into your life in a hurry!

Burn these Fast Luck & Success incense sticks to bring you luck in a hurry in all that you do. Whether you want to improve your work matters, love life, legal matters,  financial situation, or need a boost to hit that winning number, these are the right incense sticks for you! These powerful incense give off positive, highly charged vibrations that keep away all negative and evil forces holding you down and preventing you from being happy, prosperous and successful. Get lucky, now! 

Fast Luck & Success Incense Sticks
SKU: D1448
Fast Luck & Success Incense Sticks 3 for $10.95
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Fast Luck & Success Incense 100 Sticks
SKU: D1448A