Feng Shui for Beginners: Successful Living by Design

Richard Webster - Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with the earth. For thousands of years feng-shui has helped people to lead happy and successful lives. The basic ideas are very simple and can be put into place in your life very easily. By doing this, you will have access to the universal forces which will give you much more energy and zest for life. Feng-shui can help you attain all the things you have dreamed about.
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 Feng Shui For Beginners - Successful Living by Designs by Richard Webster: When you live in harmony with the universe, good things naturally flow your way. Feng Shui for Beginners offers simple techniques for attracting the powerful energy known as ch’i into your home and workplace. By simply rearranging your furniture, hanging wind chimes outside your door, or placing a vase filled with flowers in your bedroom, you can improve your life in a variety of ways: create a more peaceful home, enhance your creativity, even find true love. You’ll learn how to use feng shui to get rid of shars in your environment—straight lines and sharp angles that produce bad luck. And you can even predict the future with the “Flying Star” technique. 224 Pages

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