Figure Candles help respresent your conditions. Makes you focus on what you need or desire through Imagery. These candles may represent you or someone else. We offer witch candles, snakes candles, man/woman candles and more!

Black "Lucky 7" Wishing Candle

This Black "Lucky 7" Wishing Candle is also known as Run Devil Run Wishing Candle(7 Knobs for 7 Lucky Wishes! Burn 1 Knob for each wish you have! Make your secret desires come true!)
$9.95 $6.95

Black Cross Candle

Use this black cross candle to confuse your enemy and to protect yourself against danger and harm!
$9.95 $4.50

Black Devil Candle

Use the Black Devil Candle to send back evil to wherever it came from. Fight the devil and Make Satan Run! Or use this to destroy and conquer your worst enemies!
$9.95 $7.98

Black Female Gender Candle

Drive the evil out of your lover, help them overcome any sexual problems, stop your partner from bed jumping and running the streets.
$15.00 $9.95

Black Lucky Cat Candle

This Black Lucky Cat Candle is burned to Turn back evil and turn your luck around!
$9.95 $5.50

Black Man Candle

Use this Black Man candle to break up any man with any woman! Use it to separate two people for good! Use it to destroy a man's love life or to dume him in other areas including; work, school, money, luck, and health.
$9.95 $4.98

Black Marriage Candle

Break- up any couple that you feel should not be together. If you feel one of the people in the marriage would be better with you, then burning this candle is the answer for you!
$36.00 $8.95

Black Mummy Candle

Burn the Black Mummy Candle after sundown to STOP BAD DREAMS and ALL EVIL THINGS! Remove jinx and confusion from your home. Send back spirits of the dead that taunt you at night. 7" Tall
$10.95 $8.95

Black Skull Candle

The Black Skull Candle helps keep all evil/enemies away forever. Send Back Evil to wherever it came from. Burn this at night only.
From $6.65

Black Woman Candle

Use the Black Woman candle to break up any woman with any man! Use it to separate two people for good!
$9.95 $4.98