Figure Candles help respresent your conditions. They make you focus on what you need or desire through Imagery. These candles may represent you or someone else. Say your wish, prayer or desire before burning. Concentrate on your desires. To make your petition stronger, we suggest that you anoint the candle with a spiritual oil, before burning. In addition, you may also write your desires on Parchment Paper, using a Dove's Blood Ink Pen and place your request underneath the candle, as it burns---for stronger effect. We offer cross candles, snake, skull, cat, witch, mummy, devil, 7 knob wishing, jumbo, praying hand, man/woman candles and more!

Green Skull Candle

Burn this to STOP ALL MONEY PROBLEMS. Can't hold money? Are you always running out? Burn this candle and turn your luck around.
From $6.65

Green Woman Candle

Burn to bring riches to you fast! Pull money from any source!
$9.95 $4.98

Guardian Angle Figure Candle

Burn this candle to be protected or give it as a gift to a loved one to be protected.
$25.00 $9.95

Pink Man Candle

Burn this candle to find a attract a man! Find a lover quick!
$9.95 $4.98

Pink Woman Candle

Burn this candle to find a attract a woman! Find a lover quick!
$9.95 $4.98

Red Cross Candle

Burn the Red Cross Candle when you need someone to be with you and only you! Make them come to you and Love you only!
$9.95 $4.50

Red Devil Candle

Use to conquer love and marital problems. Do not let Satan destroy your marriage or relationship!
$9.98 $7.98

Red Female Gender Candle

To have good, passionate, enjoyable sex (often) and to have joy & happiness (in bed) with your partner.
$15.00 $9.95

Red Lucky 7 Wishing Candle

The 7 Knobs for 7 Lucky wishes! Burn 1 Knob for each wish you have! Make your secret desires come true! Use for drawing love and for having great sex with your true love!
$9.95 $6.95

Red Lucky Buddha Candle

Burn to get that true and long lasting love! Rub the Buddha's heart with Buddha Oil (X1064-$4.50) for extra power. (8.5" Tall)
$19.95 $12.95

Red Lucky Cat Candle

The Red Lucky Cat Candle is used to help find your TRUE LOVE!
$9.95 $5.50

Red Man Candle

Use The Red Man Candle if you are trying to attract a man and make him love and desire you!
$9.95 $4.98

Red Marriage Candle

Unite your relationship in holy matrimony when you burn a marriage candle.

Red Mini Lucky Buddha Candle

The Buddha image candle is a symbol of good luck and great fortune has endured for millennia. Burn this Mini Lucky Buddha to receive luck in love, romance and sex/nature in your life.

Red Mummy Candle

Burn the Red Mummy Candle after sundown to Increase your DRAWING POWER and ATTRACT anything and everything you want!
$10.95 $8.95

Red Skull Candle

Gain power with the Red Skull Candle in all love situations. Burn this and be in control of all your love problems. Command respect!
From $6.65

Red Snake Candle

Bust through any evil jinx fast after using the Red Snake Candle! Change your luck and put a hex on an enemy by placing their name beneath one of these.
$9.95 $7.98

Red Witch Candle

Burn the Red Witch Candle to stop your enemies from doing witchcraft on you or your family. This candle will protect you and your family and home. Stop all evil doings!
$9.98 $7.98