Figure Candles help respresent your conditions. Makes you focus on what you need or desire through Imagery. These candles may represent you or someone else. We offer witch candles, snakes candles, man/woman candles and more!

Guardian Angle Figure Candle

Burn this candle to be protected or give it as a gift to a loved one to be protected.
$25.00 $9.95

Honey Of Love Candle

Acheive total admiration and desire from the person you want! Use this candle to bring that "special someone" even closer to you! Be irresistable and have your way! Add Honey Love Oil (X1230 - $7.98) for MAXIMUM SEX & LOVE POWER!
$12.95 $9.95

Pink Man Candle

Burn this candle to find a attract a man! Find a lover quick!
$9.95 $4.98

Pink Woman Candle

Burn this candle to find a attract a woman! Find a lover quick!
$9.95 $4.98

Red Cross Candle

Burn the Red Cross Candle when you need someone to be with you and only you! Make them come to you and Love you only!
$9.95 $4.50

Red Devil Candle

Use to conquer love and marital problems. Do not let Satan destroy your marriage or relationship!
$9.98 $7.98

Red Female Gender Candle

To have good, passionate, enjoyable sex (often) and to have joy & happiness (in bed) with your partner.
$15.00 $9.95

Red Lucky 7 Wishing Candle

The 7 Knobs for 7 Lucky wishes! Burn 1 Knob for each wish you have! Make your secret desires come true! Use for drawing love and for having great sex with your true love!
$9.95 $6.95

Red Lucky Buddha Candle

Burn to get that true and long lasting love! Rub the Buddha's heart with Buddha Oil (X1064-$4.50) for extra power. (8.5" Tall)
$19.95 $12.95

Red Lucky Cat Candle

The Red Lucky Cat Candle is used to help find your TRUE LOVE!
$9.95 $5.50