Figure Candles help respresent your conditions. Makes you focus on what you need or desire through Imagery. These candles may represent you or someone else. We offer witch candles, snakes candles, man/woman candles and more!

Strong Love Candle- Red

Unite and Strengthen your relationship with strong love and harmony. No one will ever come to crush your love. This candle, when burned will make your love strong and unbreakable!
$36.00 $12.95

Unity Candle

This unity candle when burning - draws your lover closer to you. It is known to repair broken relationships and make existing relationships even stronger. Hold onto your lover and bring romance, compassion, and strong sex back into your love life! Be closer and tighter together - no one else will interfere with the help of this Unity Candle. Comes with A Powerful Prayer!
$15.00 $12.95

White "Lucky 7" Wishing Candle

This White "Lucky 7" Wishing Candle is used for Peace and Healing. (7 Knobs for 7 Lucky wishes! Burn 1 Knob for each wish you have! Make your secret desires come true!)
$9.95 $6.95

White Cross Candle

Use the White Cross Candle to bring peace in your house and in your life and this candle will also heal yourself spiritually! Bring peace of mind, body and soul with the power of the White Cross!
$9.95 $4.50

White Man Candle

Burn this candle to stop your lover from messing around! Also used to promote peace and tranquility between two people.
$9.95 $4.98

White Marriage Candle

Make your current relationship stronger, have an abundance of prosperity strengthen your marriage, have no evil from jealous people ruin or infect your marriage. Protect your marry when burning this candle.
$36.00 $12.95

White Skull Candle

The White Skull Candle to stop all confusion right away! Makes the devil run and move that evil mess out! Burn this to have peace in your life.
From $6.65

White Woman Candle

Burn the White Woman candle to stop your lover from messing around! Also used to promote peace and tranquility between two people.
$9.95 $4.98

Black Male Gender Candle Kit

The black male gender candle is used to drive away the meanness or evil out of your lover. Help him overcome any addiction or habit and stop him from running the streets. Use this candle to keep him faithful to you. This candle can also be used in cases of revenge - cross up his sex life so that no one will want to be with him and so that he will not be able to "perform" in bed. FREE: Sex Magic Oil & Parchment Paper for Ritual.
$21.95 $14.95

Quick Action Black Mini Male Gender Candle

This quick action black mini male gender candle is sculpted to resemble the male genitalia, creating a powerful aid in helping you to break-up two people quickly, for you to get the lover you want!