Fluorite Angel Gemstone Carved Figurine

Heightens Psychic abilities. Encourages us to peacefully see both sides of any situation.
SKU: G1133

Carry in Purse or Pocket to Protect your from all harm, evil, jealousy & danger. Pray to this Angel and ask for Divine Guidance During hard times. Place your Angel Figurine inside the purple bag and set on yoru bedside to Re-Charge and Keep Strong your Angel Fluorite Gemstone Figurine. 

Fluorite Angel will heighten intuition and encourage us to calmy see both sides of the situation. Fluorite enhances receptivity and aids in reducing our emotional involvement. These positive attributes boost the angel's ability to bring in goodness, hope and protection. 

1 Angel Gemstone for $12.95 each 

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Clear Quartz Angel Gemstone Carved Figurine

Clear Quartz Angels purify and cleanse your mind spiritually and your body physically. They help your Mental powers of Concentration, Focus and Energy. They also work to Get rid of Negative (bad/evil) energy and provide an environment or Positive Force field of Protection, Peace, Happiness and Harmony in all your surroundings. This wonderfully carved Guardian Angel can be carried in purse, pocket, car or anywhere you need its magnificent powers to work for you. You may hold it in your right hand & state your wish or desire. 1 ½” tall.