Frank and Myrrh Resin Incense Burning Kit

Burn this delightful and very powerful incense to give you, your home, and your family the Most Pure and Holy Blessings attainable. This is the Incense used by kings, African Rulers, and the Three Wise men to achieve Peace, Power and Prosperity! It also has been used to since the time of Jesus Christ in casting out and driving away all evil demons, spirits and enemies. Cleanse your surroundings and get rid of evil conditions, too.
SKU: D1058

In this burning kit you will receive the following items 

1.5 oz Bag of Myrrh Resin Incense - D1057
1.5 oz Bag of Frank Resin Incense - D1058
1 Small burner  - M1040
1 Small Charcoal - M1029  

These items have been blessed to be able to achieve maximum power! 

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