Frank & Myrrh Powder

Sprinkle in your home or place in a bowl for peace and hapiness to your home and family. Brings health, wealth andmany blessing thru the grace of God-to your love ones.

Sprinkle the Frank & Myrrh Powder in your home or leave in a bowl to bring peace and happiness to your home and family. Brings health, wealth and many blessing through the Grace of God - to your loved ones. Jesus was blessed with this powder by the Three Wisemen. Frank & Myrrh Powder is also Drives away evil spirits.

 IMPORTANT!!!  These Herbs and Roots are not to be taken internally. They are not sold as medicine. They are offered as curios only! DO NOT CONSUME!

These Triple Strength Lucky Roots will assist you in many problems or situations! Unlock the magic behind these ancient roots today and turn your luck around!

Frank & Myrrh Powder 1 Jar
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Frank & Myrrh Powder 3 For 19.95
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