Each one of these Mojo Powered Bracelet are hand crafted and blessed for your specific condition or situation in mind. They are beautiful and effective. Wear them and you will have the power - no one will know your secret! 

Good Luck Power Gemstone Bracelet

This Good Luck Gemstone Power Bracelet attracts good luck and keeps away the bad. It will act like a magnet in drawing good luck your way and turn away all bad luck, evil, and envy.
From $10.00

Good Student Gemstone Bracelet

With the daily use of this bracelet you or your children can become excellent students. Class can become easy and learning can be fun! MAKE YOUR GOALS REACHABLE! Be successful in school so you can become successful in life!
From $10.00

Health, Money, and Love Gemstone Bracelet

By wearing this bracelet you can have anything and everything you have always wanted! Have love, attract money and be financially stable and wealthy for the rest of your life! Do it all and forever be healthy while doing it!
From $10.00

Hold Onto Your Boyfriend Gemstone Bracelet

This bracelet helps control the relationship with your boyfriend. It will keep strong ties for you both and help prevent any break ups. It keeps him away from other woman and bad friends, so that he will be with you as long as you desire.
From $10.00

Hold Onto Your Husband Gemstone Bracelet

This bracelet of great protection was prepared for women who's marriage was in trouble. These stones produce invisible strings that stop and keep husbands from other woman and other bad influences. Your relationship will be strong and happy again, once and for all. Hold Onto Your Husband!
From $10.00

Lose Weight Gemstone Bracelet

This Gemstone Power Bracelet can help stop your fat intake. It can also calm your nervous eating habits. Wearing it will drastically reduce your appetite and help you feel good about the way you look. You deserve it!
From $10.00

Love Gemstone Power Bracelet

This Gemstone Power Bracelet is perfect when you desire to give and receive Love. It helps to fulfill expressions of affection and tenderness and make the love between you and your mate stronger.
From $10.00

Lucky in Las Vegas Gemstone Power Bracelet

This Gemstone Power Bracelet can make big changes in your luck. Its power to bring out your luck and win will bring you lots of money!
From $10.00

Money Buddha Gemstone Power Bracelet

Use the Gemstone Power of this Buddha Bracelet to help you get the financial blessings you deserve. This will bring you great fortune and wealth so you can get all the things you have always desired.
From $4.99

Obtain a Job Gemstone Power Bracelet

The energy of this Gemstone Power Bracelet will increase the chances of you getting the job you want. Wear it or rub it between your hands before an interview or when filling out an application. This bracelet will also give you the confidence of power to ask for a raise or promotion at your current job.
From $10.00

Play To Win Gemstone Bracelet

This charm will bring you luck in any game of chance. Everytime you play touch it and say "Power charm, bring me the luck and help my mind concentrate with strength and great power.
From $10.00

Protect your Marriage Gemstone Bracelet

Do not let jealousy, evil men or women come in between the love of your life.
From $10.00

Retain (Hold) Money Gemstone Bracelet

This bracelet will help you keep money in your hands, pocket, or wallet. It will protect you against squandering your money without control. ALWAYS HAVE THE MONEY YOU NEED! AND MORE! Pay your bills, get out of debt, and be in control of your finances! HOLD ONTO YOUR MONEY!
From $10.00

Shut Up Gemstone Bracelet

Wear this bracelt to shut the mouth or mouths of the person or people who have said or will say bad things about you. No one will talk against you again, and forever stop the gossip!
From $10.00

To Get An Increase In Salary Gemstone Bracelet

With this bracelet you will have the confidence to ask for the raise you deserve. Wear it daily and you will get the raise or promotion you have been waiting for! EARN WHAT YOU ARE WORTH!
From $10.00

To Obtain Money Gemstone Bracelet

Finally have the money you need and want! Money will come to you like magic! This bracelet will open doors and opportunities to drawing money your way. Pay your bills and live the life you want!
From $10.00

To Tie Up Your Boyfriend Gemstone Bracelet

This bracelet combines the power of stones that work like invisible strings that will tie and bind the man you love, so he will be yours for as long as you wish. Near or far, it doesn't matter - he will always be tied to you.
From $10.00

To Unite The Family Gemstone Bracelet

This bracelet will spread love to your family. It will help sovle or avoid family conflict. CREATE PEACE AND HARMONY WITHIN YOUR FAMILY.
From $5.99

To Win At The Slot Machines Gemstone Bracelet

The drawing power of these stones will bring you to the lucky machines. It acts as a money magnet so the slot machines will release tons of coins to you, and you will win! Hit the jackpot again and again!
From $10.00

To Win The Lotto Gemstone Bracelet

Wear this bracelet everytime you play the lottery so you may attract the winning numbers! It works for all lottery games including, pick 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, and even scratch off's! Win lots of money! PLAY TO WIN!
From $10.00

Tranquility Gemstone Bracelet

This Gemstone Power Bracelet works like a charm and makes your life more soothing. It helps you find serenity, peace, and relaxes your nerves. It will also help clean your spirit and give you a happy soul.
From $10.00

Yin Yang Gemstone Power Bracelet

This Gemstone Power Bracelet keeps you in perfect balance. YIN: Is the receptive feminine energy that helps channel the tranquil and psychic energy of the universe, bringing you health, love, and friendship. YANG: Is the active masculine energy that helps channel the courageous force within you to bring success and prosperity. Wearing this will help you overcome impossible obstacles.
From $10.00

Against Bad Luck Gemstone Bracelet

Turn back your bad luck! This bracelet can be your shield of protection. It can help to eliminate Bad Luck, Misfortune and also protect you from harm. Get some fast luck now!
From $10.00