Each gemstone is for a paticular case, just pick the one that is right for you and it will help you solve your problems or conditions! ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!

"Cat's Eye" Money Ring

To Draw Money Fast! Are you getting by? No money for bills? Missing that big money by one number all the time? If so, then try this solid green cat's eye gemstone money "magnet" ring today - to help you with whatever money problems you have. Buy 1 and Get 1 Free!

Desire Me/Love Me Only Gemstone Power Ring

Makes your lover have eyes for you only! Makes him or her stay home and be good and honest, no more lies or running the streets. Get and hold that Strong Love!
From $5.00

Do As I Say/Obey Me Gemstone Power Ring

Control all others and all situations with power! Make lovers, family, friends, enemies, fellow workers, or neighbors do as you say!
From $5.00

Healing/Good Health Gemstone Power Ring

Stop suffering and get rid of your misery! Ease your aches and pains for good, and do the things you used to do before the pain and troubles.
From $5.00

High John the Conqueror Gemstone Power Ring

Conquer all types of problems NOW! With power you can control all situations around you and command others to do as you want. Overcome all obstacles!
From $5.00

Job/Steady Work Gemstone Power Ring

Get that raise, job, or promotion you want and deserve! Find the dream job you havec always wanted. Find a good paying job now!
From $5.00

Keep Away Enemies Gemstone Ring

Make your enemies, neighbors, or even "so-called" friends leave you alone and stop bothering you. Have them go away fast and for good!
From $5.00

Play To Win Gemstone Power Ring

Bring quick money when playing any games of chance. Get on a hot winning streak and win big! It's your turn to hit that winning number!
From $5.00

Protection Against All Gemstone Power Ring

Be protected against all evil, harm, or jealousy, and no good enemies. Be strong and stay strong so you may be powerful!
From $5.00

Uncrossing/Spell Breaker Gemstone Power Rings

Get rid of all evil on you or inside of you! Block and turn back spells, jinxes, and other curses that have been put on you. Uncross and destroy any spell!
From $6.95

XXX Love Adam & Eve Lovers Ring

Wear or Carry this ring to Love or to be loved. Bring 3 hearts together as one.
$11.95 $7.98