Blessed Beauty Destroy Everything Bath Bomb

Use this Destroy Everything (Evil) Bath Bomb to help destroy ALL evil, bad luck, curses & spells, voodoo & witchcraft, etc.
From $8.50

Blessed Beauty Love Drawing Bath Bomb

Use the Love Drawing Bath Bomb to draw a love interest, spouse, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other close to you.

Blessed Beauty Money Drawing Fast Luck Bath Bomb

Use the Money Drawing Fast Luck Bath Bomb to bring good luck and financial blessing into your life-immediately!
From $7.50

Cannabis Care Heat Rub Cream

Cannabis Care is a blend of all natural ingredients that heats up and reduces pain and inflammation in minutes. We have combined Cannabis with Chondroitin Sulfate, Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus. It also contains Gem Spirit of Turpentine which has been used not only for pains well as upper respiratory ailments like chronic coughs and chest congestion. (4 ounces)
$39.99 $24.95

Dr. Fred Summit's Cool Blue Ice Arthritis Rubbing Alcohol

Extra Strength - With Epsom Salt & Capsicum. Get the Relief You Need!
$15.00 $6.99

Dr. Fred Summit's Wintergreen Arthritis Rubbing Alcohol

Extra Strength - With Epsom Salt & Capsicum. Get the Relief You Need!
$15.00 $6.99

Dr. Fred Summit's Penetrating HEAT RUB Arthritis Rubbing Alcohol

Extra Strength - With Epsom Salt & Capsicum. Get the Relief You Need!
$15.00 $6.99

67% OFF CLEARANCE - Korean Ginseng Drink

Extra Strong with Root Inside. All-natural energy drink to enhance stamina and vitality and boost energy.
$14.99 $4.99

Rev. Moses Triple Strength Liniment Liquid

Apply daily to sore muscles and joints. Don not apply to damaged, wounded or broken skin. This grease-less triple strength gel absorbs quickly into the skin for fast pain relief. It cools and soothes aches, pains, sores, and sprains. Good for back pain relief and arthritis!
From $5.00

Rev. Moses Triple Strength Liquid Liniment

This natural and petroleum based liquid liniment is strong acting and powerful! It relieves pain from every day life. This liniment helps heal aches and pains due to old age, injury, arthritis, bad back, bad joints, and more! Just apply to the area that hurts and rub in the liniment and rub the pain away! Do not apply to broken or damaged skin.
From $9.95

Eucamint 2oz Jar

This is an all purpose ointment! Used for fast cooling, soothing, pain relief! Good for joint & muscle pains, aching feet, skin irritations and wounds, cold symptoms, and other minor inflammations. WORKS VERY FAST!

Dr. Summit Skin Whitener

TONE & BLEACH CREAM This exclusive formula will help fade unwanted dark areas to beautify your skin and complexion. Helps to remove blackheads and unwanted ugly dark spots. IMPOROVE YOUR SKIN! 2oz Jar
$12.00 $10.95

Rev. Moses Special Skin Rub

Rev. Moses Special Skin rub will help you if you have any aches and pains around your body.

Uncrossing Breath Drops

Gets rid of evil demons, spirits, thoughts, or any trace of the devil that may be around you or inside you. Stops bad breath INSTANTLY! That terrible smell is the devil's work, kill it today! Instructions included.
From $5.00

100% Genuine Cocoa Butter Stik

When using the 100% Cocoa Butter Stik helps to speed the healing of the damaged skin, smoothing out small burns marks as well as softening the marks of pregnancy.