Marie Laveau's Going On Trial Kit

If you are going to court, you may find help and WIN with this kit! Lessen your sentence, Win your lawsuit, Make the Judge and Jury rule in your favor, or Get your case dismissed! Be free and Win!
SKU: K2002

Are you going through a bad situation with the Law and the courts? Are you tired of running back and forth to the courthouse and you want it to be over already? You may find help and WIN with this Going on Trial kit! You will have a better chance of the Judge or Jury to rule in your favor, Win the lawsuit Lessen your sentence or even better have your case dismissed! Be free and Win!

This kit comes with the following:
One John the Conqueror Root
One Bend Over Oil
One Red Blessed Bag
One Devotional Candle
One Dragon's Blood Bath
One Master Oil
Easy to follow instructions

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