Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard Dirt is to be used to ward off all kinds of evil spirits that may be around you or your home. Do not feel as if there is nothing but pure bad luck brought on by pure evil. Sprinkle graveyard dirt around your home and watch as all evil just disappears and goes away!!!!

Carry Graveyard Dirt with you for protection from any and all evil placed on you by any; enemies, husbands, wives, or relatives who are now dead. Sprinkle outside your home to turn away Evil, Hex, or Curses put on you by the Dead. Use to put a Spell or Curse on your Enemy. This Graveyard Dirt insures an easy birth and a healthy baby. This is a classic and easy to use product that helps protect you and your loved ones. It works anywhere - even at the job, or in your car! Available in 1oz for $4.50, 1/4 lb Bag for $8.95, or 1/2 lb Bag for only $12.95 - instructions included.

Graveyard Dirt 1 oz Package
SKU: D2500
Graveyard Dirt 1/4 lb Bag
SKU: D2504
Graveyard Dirt 1/2 lb Bag
SKU: D2505