Heaven Sent Money Spells

Heaven Sent Money Spells By Maria D'Andrea: Easy magickal spells to jump start your spiritual enonomic stimulus package! Money is just another object- You can learn to collect dollars, just as you would collect anything else as a "hobby". Inspired by the heavenly light here are spells that anyone can learn to execute. Use these spells to get what you desire the most and to eliminate poverty. Learn to draw riches and abundance your way! 124 Pages
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Heaven Sent Money Spells By Maria D'Andrea: IMAGINE RECEIVING MONEY JUST BY USING THE POWERS OF YOUR MIND! Let Maria D' Andrea Tell You How To Turn Your Dreams Into Cash -- And Become A Virtual Human MONEY MAGNET -- Want a new home, or pay off an existing mortgage? Would you like to go on an exotic "dream" vacation with someone who is sexy or your true soul mate? Want to sell the items laying around in your garage or attic for BIG CASH! Just like on TV's Pawn Stars? Interested in picking a "large prize" lottery ticket, or winning at the tables or slots in "Vegas"? Tired of seeing everyone else wearing the "bling?" -- diamonds may be a girls best friend, but who cares about anyone else when that fabulous stone could just as easily be on your finger. Money is just another object -- you can learn to collect dollars just as you would collect anything else as a "hobby." Inspired by the Heavenly Light here are spells that anyone can learn to execute. Use herbs, candles and gemstones to create prosperity! Have talismans and amulets help do the work for you! Here are dozens of ways to bring Good Luck into your life! 124 Pages

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