Helping yourself with Magickal Oils A-Z

Helping yourself with Magickal Oils A-Z By Maria Solomon The most thorough and comprehensive workbook availble on the Magickal Powers of over 1000 oils.
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Helping Yourself with Magickal Oils A-Z by Maria Solomon: The most thorough and comprehensive workbook available on the Magickal Powers of over 1000 oils. If you are seeking ways to create a sense of "magickal bliss" in your life this is the book for you. Maria Solomon walks you through an array of concise recipes to help you in all areas of your life. I found this particular book to be quite informative for laypersons, students and practitioners within the new age and spiritual communities. This is an easy to read guide for anyone who desires to positively enhance their opportunities for success in business, romance, personal and spiritual development. This is a "must have book" for your library from this well-known American spiritual writer.  This book covers charms, spells, rituals and formulas, all of which can be used by any person. Let the mystical powers of oils bring prosperity and balance to all aspects of your life. 160 pages

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