These special recipes and powerful working formulas have been blended by Rev. Moses over the years - he has perfected them to work fast! They combine the most powerful forces of incenses, herbs, and roots to create a quick working blend! Comes in a 4oz Jar or 1/2 Pound Bag.

For better, faster and more powerful burning, Use Charcoal to light your blends.

No. M1020 (6 pcs.) - Only $2.95


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All Protection/No Bad Luck Herbal Incense

Be safe from Evil, Harm, Jealousy or Spells against you. Keeps bad luck and danger away.
From $6.50

Break-Up/Separation Herbal Incense

Split up any two people and separate them for good. Breaks up any kind of relationship.
From $6.50

Bring Back My Lover Herbal Incense

Returns your husband, wife, boy or girlfriend - straight or gay. Stops anyone from "stealing or influencing" your lover.
From $6.50

Conquers/Controls All Herbal Incense

Solves any problem or Conquers and situation, with Power! Get what you want, when you want! Stubborn enemies will disappear!
From $6.50

Gets Rid of Jinx/Go Devil Herbal Incense

Break Satan's hold on you or your home. Destroy any evil demons or spirits around you or inside your body. Kills any jinx!
From $6.50

Give Me Big Easy Money Herbal Incense

Draws lots of money to you fast from any source! Works for all gambling games and on people who owe you money - get it now!
From $6.50

Health Love and Money Herbal Incense

Have it all! Good Health, Good Love and lots of Money - it can all be yours! Be successful in life!
From $6.50

Hit the Jackpot/Sure to Win

Be hot at the slots or any other casino games! BE SURE TO WIN! Draw easy money now!
From $6.50

Hot Passion/Good Sex Herbal Incense

Arouse flamming desires in your lover so you can have hot, passionate sex, and lots of it! Works for anyone!
From $6.50

Just Judge/Get Out of Jail

Win that case or get it thrown out! Get you or your loved one released from prison soon!
From $6.50

Move Away/Stay Away Herbal Incense

Get rid of evil and mean people around you. Never be bothered by them again, have them go away for good!
From $6.50

Stop Addiction/Will Power

Blessed to make you or your loved ones have the courage and will power to destroy any addictions or bad habits! Whether it be drugs, alcohol, or over eating - STOP NOW!
From $6.50

Stop Evil/Uncrossing Herbal Incense

Breaks evil spells, witchcraft, voodoo, hexes, jinxes or curses anyone put on you. Stop your enemies from plotting against you. Gets you uncrossed fast!
From $6.50