They can work real fast for you and help you conquer any problem you may have and help you get what you need and want - right now! Only the finest herbs and roots are used in these oils - the good, strong kind. Each bottle is blessed by Rev. Moses to achieve the most effective pulling and drawing power possible!

For best results and fast success, say your wish and your favorite prayer. See the label on the bottle for Rev. Moses' suggestion. Then, place this Triple Strength Herbal Power Oil on your neck, wrists, forehead & ankles. Do this at a quiet time every day, until the bottle is empty.. You may also pour 3 capfuls in your bath water for a Triple Power bath or you may pour 3 capfuls in your mop water for a Triple Strength House Blessing. May the good Lord work His Miracles for you!

All Purpose/Luck in a Hurry Herbal Power Oil

Good for any condition, problems or worries. Use to get good luck fast. If your luck is down and you need a quick turn around, then get this oil so you can stop suffering and feel good again.
$19.99 $11.95

Break-Up Herbal Power Oil

Use this oil to brake up any two people or group of people. It will help separate these people and cause so much confusion for them that they will not know what is happening to them. Try it and see for yourself.
$19.99 $11.95

Come to Me/Love Me Only Herbal Power Oil

Wear this and have that special drawing power you've always wanted. Draw your lover, special friend, husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend closer to you and hold them there. You will be the only one for them.
$19.99 $11.95

Controlling/Do As I Say Herbal Power Oil

You will have the power and control when wearing this oil. Make others listen and do as you say!
$19.99 $11.95

Court Case/Law Stay Away Herbal Power Oil

Use this oil to win that BIG case. Make the judge rule in your favor so you can win or get the case thrown out! Get the money you are asking for, shorter jail sentence or no time at all! Have the law be on your side! Good for you or your family members.
$19.99 $11.95

Fast Money/Fast Luck Herbal Power Oil

Be lucky in life and draw that money you need and want! Pay off all of your bills, buy whatever you have been wanting to buy. Hit that winning number and be the big jackpot winner soon!
$19.99 $11.95

Healing/Peace Herbal Power Oil

Use this oil to get and feel healthy again, and stop those nagging aches and pains. Also have peace of mind and spirit so you can relax and stop being nervous all the time. Let God answer all of your problems.
$19.99 $11.95

High John the Conqueror Herbal Power Oil

Very powerful oil used by Reverends and Ministers with great success. Its the best to conquer and master any problem, situation or condition. Success and power are yours to solve your problems and ease your worries.
$19.99 $11.95

Jinx Removing/Run Devil Run Herbal Power Oil

Get that evil jinx to go away for good! Stop your bad luck and reverse it into good luck now! Wear this if the devil is keeping you down and the evil spirits and Devil will slide off of you and never return! Have peace of mind.
$19.99 $11.95

Job/Steady Work Herbal Power Oil

Use this oil to finally get that job you have dreamed of. Get that great paying job and hold onto it, never be broke again! If you already have a job and been asking for a raise or promotion, then use this oil to assure you the raise or promotion you deserve.
$19.99 $11.95

King Solomon/Block Buster Herbal Power Oil

Use this oil and let the power of King Solomon unblock all the problems and obstacles in your life. If someone or something is blocking you from money, love, health, power, success use this oil to break through that block and overcome your problems now! It is also good for improving memory, concentration, and passing tests and exams.
$19.99 $11.95

Love Potion/Desire Me Herbal Power Oil

Try this very potent oil that will strengthen your love or draw someone closer to you. This oil has the power to make your loved one bow down to you and obey your every command. They will be madly in love with you and desire you only!
$19.99 $11.95

Lucky Lottery/Lucky Hand Herbal Power Oil

Hit the jackpot and be a winner with this very lucky oil! This oil improves your life by giving you a lucky hand at gambling and makes sure you win BIG at any game of chance. Never miss by one number again!
$19.99 $11.95

Pay Me/Give Me Money Herbal Power Oil

Get the money you are owed fast! Use this oil to draw the money that is owed to you and that you deserve! Works Fast!
$19.99 $11.95

Protection From Evil Enemies/Harm Herbal Power Oil

Wear this oil and be protected from all sorts of evil, whether it be the devil or evil spirits or even the evil people around you! This oil will stop all evil around you and keep you safe from evil doers and all harm. Worry no more and be protected!
$19.99 $11.95

Stop Evil Herbal Power Oil

Wear this oil or Anoint your Stop evil candles (C1203 sold at $6.95 each) and have those evil people, evil spirits be gone from your life, fast!
$19.95 $11.95

Success For Children/Family Herbal Power Oil

Use this oil to overcome the obstacles of life and become successful in anything you wish! It is your turn to shine, just put some of this oil on you or your family members and you will succeed in anything you put your mind to! Hold your head up high and be proud of yourself and your family!
$19.99 $11.95

Will Power/Stop Addiction Herbal Power Oil

Use this oil to gain control of your unhealthy habits. Use it for yourself or your loved ones. Just sprinkle some on your clothes (or loved ones clothes)to give you will power and self control! Stop eating too much! Stop drinking or doing drugs! Stop telling lies! Stop smoking! Use this oil and be free from your weaknesses!
$19.99 $11.95

Peaceful Happiness / Stop Fighting Herbal Power Oil

Use the Peaceful Happiness / Stop Fighting Herbal Power Oil to bring peacefulness to your spiritual self. Once Peace has been felt by the wearer, Happiness will follow. All fighting will stop as well - no one will fight with you and you will not fight with anyone.
$15.00 $11.95