These Teas are 100% Organic and good for the soul! They contain natural herbs and vitamins for various conditions. Keep healthy and active. Try these health remedy teas today! Cleanse your mind, body, and soul!

Body Cleansing Calumet Laxative Tea

Cleanse your body, mind, and soul. It helps you get rid of any unwanted conditions inside your body. A cleansed body makes for a peaceful mind!
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Bright Eye Tea

Strengthens and protects eyes. Reduces eye strain and keeps vision sharp. Contains -Peppermint Leaf, Spearmint Leaf, .Linden Leaf , Damiana Herb, Eucalyptus Leaf, Eyebright Herb, Blackberry Leaf, Cardamom Seed (36 tea bags.) Dose - One to two cups a day.
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Chamomile Tea

Relaxes Nerves and eases tension and stress. Puts you in a calm and peaceful mood. Contains 36 tea bags.
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Cleansing Lemongrass Tea

Cleanse yourself spiritually from the inside out.

CLEARANCE: Spice Tea Blend

Nerve Relaxing (36 Tea Bags) This mix of herbal teas will help sooth and relax your senses and relieve your stress, So you can relax and have peace of mind and stop suffering.

Green Tea

Helps burn fat and calories. Eases headaches, pain, and gives you energy. This tea contains powerful antioxidants for cell protection, aids digestion, tastes great hot or cold, and more! The leaves provide a cleansing quality. Contains (36 tea bags) Suggested Use- One or two cups daily. Store green tea in a cool, dry dark place in a tin or dark container. Do not store in the refrigerator.
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Helping Heart

For those who like to keep their heart strong. Dilates the coronary blood vessels, helps lower cholesterol, and restores the heart muscle. Reduces high blood pressure. Also good for bacterial infections, bladder, kidney, and prostate disorders. Contains - Hawthorn Berry, Gingko Biloba, Gymnema Herb. (24 tea bags)
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Herbal Arthritis Tea

Heals and relieves sore joints and bones. Helpful for sore joints as it gently cleanses. Purifying, detoxing, anti-inflammatory properties. Move about freely and be flexible. Contains - Devil's Claw Root, Olive Leaf. (2.5 oz Bag - Loose Tea)
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Herbal Detox & Cleansing Formula

Detox, Flush, and Clean toxins out of your body with the Herbal Detox Program. It removes "bad stuff" from your body. Gives better digestion. Increase energy. Gives mental alertness. Use it also as a spiritual cleanser.
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Hibiscus Flower Tea

Hibiscus is an old legendary herb, said to help the digestive system.
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Love Tea

Bring love to your surroundings by first honoring yourself, then direct your intention to that "special one you desire". This tea is an ancient recipe handed down through generations. The herbs are harvested during the full moon, when intention is greatest! They are then blended in a unique way, which draws out their exceptional powers to create a "potion" worth enjoying! Enjoy pink rose petals, lavender buds, mauira puama, ginger, red clover tops, elecampane, hibiscus and poppies! (Contains 24 tea bags)
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Pau D' Arco Tea

Nutritionally beneficial for Respiratory, Digestive and Immune Systems while Promoting Energy and Endurance.

Red Clover Blossom Tea

A natural way to help maintain women's hormone balance. Promotes Uterine Health.

Senna Leaf

Cleans out your digestive track. Any unclean stomach conditions will be removed. Senna was originally grown in the upper Nile region of Egypt, then brought to Europe in the Middle Ages. So revered was Senna leaf that the Egyptians reserved its use exclusively for members of the upper class. Today it is used worldwide for digestive health as it supports the gastrointestinal system. (Contains 36 tea bags) Dose - One or two cups, hot or cold, daily or as needed.
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Spearmint Leaf

Spearmint is commonly used for flavoring, especially in toothpastes and gum, but it has several health benefits besides acting as a breath freshener. It relaxes your spirit and mind and freshens breath. Also said to be a lucky herb! (Contains 36 tea bags)
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