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Try these Powerful Highest Power Colognes to get what you want. These sweet-smelling colognes will create an atmosphere and of spirituality and peace, for you to get results fast! All colognes come with directions. 

These special Colognes send out a special fragrance to open up special conditions. Always apply after you bathe. Do not mix with any oils.

Go Away Evil Highest Power Cologne

Use the Go Away Evil TRIPLE STRENGTH cologne to stop all evil and turn back your enemies. Use on the body, bath, or sprinkle in home to help move the devil out and make him be gone for good!
From $6.65

Good Luck Highest Power Cologne

Use the Good Luck cologne to turn your luck around now! Brings FAST LUCK to you when you need it most. STOP BAD LUCK NOW with TRIPLE STRENGTH!
From $6.65

Hoyt's Cologne

This popular cologne has powerful fresh scent that Gives men the strength that woman love. Add it to your bath or use after showering to leave you refreshed! ALSO good for insect bites, itchy scalp and for cooling you down in the hot weather. It deodorizes and freshens up stuffy, smokey, odorous rooms or cars. WORKS GREAT!
$12.95 $8.95

Indian Luck Highest Power Cologne

The Indian Luck special blend gives gamblers something EXTRA for WINNING POWER! Wear it as a perfume or after shaving or rub it on your palms before playing any games of chance! Increase your odds with this sweet smelling cologne.
From $6.65

Jockey Club Highest Power Cologne

This sweet smelling and popular cologne is for both men and women to use in the bath or on the body to draw FAST MONEY! Acquire money from any source and have financial relief now. TRIPLE STRENGTH!
From $6.65

Love Me Highest Power Cologne

The Love Me Cologne has a nice sweet smell will drive your lover or special someone crazy! It is red for extra attraction power to drive your partner wild! Love and Be Loved. TRIPLE STRENGTH!
From $6.65

Lucky 7 Holy Metals Cologne

The Lucky 7 Holy Metals Cologne is a strong powerful formula with 7 little magnetic stones Pull and Draw whatever you desire! Have money, strong love, fast luck, jackpots, better job, happy life, and more! IT CAN ALL BE YOURS! WORKS FAST! Trust the power of the Lucky 7 Holy Metals Cologne.
$15.95 $10.95

Lucky Hand Rub Cologne

DOUBLE LUCKY MIXTURE! Rub on your hands or body to be lucky in all games of chance! This cologne works great for all casino games, lottery games, races, bingo, and more! Have a lucky touch and WIN MONEY FAST!
From $6.65

Lucky Las Vegas Cologne & Amulet

Use the Lucky Las Vegas Cologne when going to the casino to win big! Use as a rubdown to draw that good luck to you fast!
$10.95 $7.98

Lucky Numbers Highest Power Cologne

The Lucky Numbers cologne possess DRAWING POWER to help you pick the RIGHT numbers. Wear this cologne before playing any game of chance to increase your odds! WORKS AND SMELLS GREAT!
From $6.65

Money House Blessing Highest Power Cologne

Wear the Money House Blessing Cologne and watch it bring luck to your home and money to your pocket! TRIPLE STRENGTH!
From $6.65

Mr. Money Highest Power Cologne

Mr. Money knows how to acquire riches. Use this special formula and you can acquire riches too! Love, money, and Luck will be yours after wearing this cologne. Power Packed with Magnetic Pulling Formula for your benefit!
From $6.65

Triple Strength Spell Breaker Cologne

Rev. Moses Triple Strength Spell Breaker Cologne will take care of any curse, jinx, hex condition that may have been put on your life.
From $6.65

Strong Love Highest Power Cologne

Use the Strong Love powerful fragrance to enhance the passion in your relationship. Or use it to attract a special someone you have had your eyes on. Make him or her want you and only you! Works great and smells great.
From $6.65

Tame Cologne

Use as after bath splash or as perfume to tame(control) your lover and keep him/her faithful to you! Stop their running around! Bring him or her closer to you and have a good strong relationship!
$10.00 $9.95