Monkey's Paw Extra Strong Bath and Floor Wash

Highest quality bath and floor wash! Use this wash to ward off evil and draw good luck to you.
SKU: MP106

This high quality wash is incredibly powerful in protecting from all evil and drawing luck and money to you qucikly! Use this wash to cleanse any curses or hexes from you, and to turn your luck around! Can be used to get rid of all negative spirits and to bring fast luck in money and games of chance!


Easy Directions:

  • Shake well before using

For Bath:

  • Pour half of this bottle into your bath water for best results. Stir the mixture while reading the 23rd Psalm. 
  • Concentrate on your desires while bathing. 

For Floors:

  • Use half a bottle in your mop water. For best results - scrub floors, steps, or walls at a quiet time. 

For Sprinkling:

  • Add 5 tablespoons to a glass of water and sprinkle daily in the corners of every room. 



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