Holy Spirit Scented & Fixed 7 Day Candle

Call on the Holy Spirit during times of darkness, to help you find the light again!
SKU: C7911

Burn this Holy Spirit Candle to get rid of any evil, negativity, or darkness that may be surrounding you. Call on the Holy Spirit when you are feeling weak, sad, anxious or depressed. Bring back that inner SUNSHINE so that you can get through every day in life with ease! Can also be used to keep away any negative energy or feelings. Be at peace in your home and within yourself! Say this prayer before lighting the candle:

Holy Spirit, I call on you to remove all evil energy that may be surrounding my life. Banish any negativity that has been around me for so long! I ask that you help bring light into every aspect of my life when there may be darkness! Bring happiness, peace, and comfort into my life. Wrap your arms around me when I feel anxious or depressed, so that I can get through all battles that come my way with ease, Amen. 

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