Holyland Mineral Bath Salt 1 lb Bag

SKU: A1252
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Moriah Dead Sea Salt 1 lb (Turn Back Evil) Eucalyptus Scented Jar

Stops, Kills and Destroys evil curses, spells, and plots against you. Uncrosses you from any crossed conditions you have on you. Sends back evil to whoever sent it. Reverses any voodoo or witchcraft sent you way.

Rev. Moses 7 Holy Spirit Hyssop Bath Oil

The Rev. Moses 7 Holy Spirit Hyssop Bath Oil has been especially formulated to bring the blessings and protection of Hyssop to yourself and your home. Sprinkle it within your ritual blessings to protect yourself from all evil.
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Black Hen (Gallina Negra) Spray

Use this powerful spray – passed down from old Hoodoo culture—to Remove and Destroy All Spells, Hexes, Jinxes, Curses, Voodoo and Witchcraft OFF of you and your home or surroundings.
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