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Honey of Love Mystical Astral Candle

This candle was prepared with astral essence of love, which has magical powers of attraction and infatuation. Sweeten your lover's heart. Make them desire you, only and marry you, if that is your wish.
SKU: C7716

This candle was prepared with astral essence of love, which has magical powers of attraction and infatuation. With Honey of Love you and only you will receive the total love, admiration, affection and respect of the one you desire. Super Charged and Super Scented to bring forth a lover that will be true to you and only you. Put a "hold" on your lover so they only want to be with you and have sex with you only- no one else. You can become so irresistible that you will have good strong love and be desired, most mightily. Beautifully scented red palm oil wax candle, comes in a glass jar that measure 6 1/2" in height and 2 1/2" in width. It comes with easy to follow instructions in English and Spanish. Burns for approximately 3 Days, supplies are limited.

Remember always, where you find God, you will NOT find Failure. Faith works miracles! 

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