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Problem Solving Herbal Magic Soy Votive Candle

Let the knowledge contained in the universe flow freely through my mind.
$15.00 $4.99

Seduction Herbal Magic Soy Votive Candle

May all loving emotions within me flow freely.
$15.00 $4.99

Wisdom Herbal Magical Soy Votive Candle

"Allow me to use my inner being to see and understand the deeper meaning of life"
$15.00 $4.99

Cinnamon Soap

This Cinnamon Soap Busts through any block that is holding you down. Opens roads to success! Use this cinnamon soap and triumph over your struggles while feeling fresh and clean! 3.35 oz bar.
From $4.00

Lotus and Violet Soap

Lotus and Violet Soap is used to Influence others - make them obey you and do as you say. This softens the hearts of others around you so that they are no longer stubborn and are more willing to open up their ears and minds to your ideas. 3.35 oz
From $2.49

Rose Soap

With Rose Soap you can conquer and control all situations. It gives you a lot of power and control over people and difficult situations! Also cleanses your mind, body, and spirit. 3.35 oz Bar.
From $2.49

Rueter Soap

Rueter soap returns evil that surrounds you. Uncrosses you and breaks any spell or curse that was put on you. 3.3 oz Bar
From $2.49

CLEARANCE: Spice Tea Blend

Nerve Relaxing (36 Tea Bags) This mix of herbal teas will help sooth and relax your senses and relieve your stress, So you can relax and have peace of mind and stop suffering.

Hexagram Of Solomon Necklace

Helps put you in control of all situations. Have control over your own life again! Make others do as you say and make them bend to your will! SILVER
$21.50 $5.99

Large Pentagram

Ancient symbol of great power and protection with unseen forces!
$25.00 $4.99

Magic Disc Of Solomon Necklace

Wear around neck to protect against evil smells. Do you scenes that evil lurks? Can you smell it? If you can smell evil - then most likely its there! Remove evil and its nasty stench and live your life free from evil followers and spirits! They could be dangerous. SILVER
$21.50 $5.99

Protects the Traveler Necklace

Fear no more! Keep danger away and let nothing harm you anymore near your home, in a car, or anywhere!
$25.00 $6.99

Double Luck Necklace

This double lucky talsiman does two things; it drives away bad luck and attracts good luck! Carry or wear with you always.
$25.00 $6.99

Get What You Want Necklace

Achieve your desires with this talisman. Nothing is impossible with the help of King Solomon's Power Talisman. Your dreams and wishes can become reality - if you believe!
$21.50 $5.99

Gives Power Necklace

This powerful talisman has Magical power that gives you power and control over others. Have power to get what you want - when you want!
$21.50 $5.99

Gives Power Necklace

This powerful talisman has Magical power that gives you power and control over others. Have power to get what you want - when you want!
$21.50 $5.99

Large Pentagram Necklace

Ancient Symbol of great power and protection against unforseen forces.
$25.95 $6.99

Pentagram Of Solomon Necklace

Protects against evil spirits and all dangers. This talisman will reverse, stop, and return any evil sent to you by enemies and evil forces. Stop negativity in its tracks. Be protected and be free!
$21.50 $5.99

Prosperity Talisman Necklace

This beautiful medallion was originally designed by Islamic Royalty for Wealth and Good Fortune. This is a very powerful Money Drawing Talisman! Wear or carry it for money and an easy life!
$20.00 $7.99

Schemhamphoras # 2 Necklace

Great mystical powers are said to come to those who wear or carry this. A powerful and highly religious seal, for bringing the possessor divine guidance when needed.
$24.95 $6.99

Seal Of Mephistophilas Necklace

For overcoming, controlling, and conquering one's enemies. Protects you and your loved ones from the evil plots of others.
$24.95 $6.99

Wealth Necklace (Silver)

Wear or carry this talisman to fight money problems. Helps you get and hold money from any source. Get it from freinds, family, lottery, bingo, casino games, and more! Do not be broke anymore!
$19.99 $5.99