May Special: Doll Kits

Doll Magic may work for you!

Dolls have been around for years and years and not until recently have these closely guarded secrets been revealed. That's because dolls can be very helpful to you in getting what you want! And they're EASY TO USE and THEY DON'T HARM YOU - SO DO NOT BE AFRAID! Dolls are made of the beth cloth possible and the color of the cloth is symbolic - for example, green is for money. Unlock the mystery of dolls and try Doll Magic today.

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, THEN THESE DOLLS KITS ARE FOR YOU! Each "Spell Kit" is complete with detailed instructions. All supplies are included.

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MAY SPECIAL: Attraction/Love Drawing Super Power Doll Kit

The Attraction/Love Drawing Doll Kit is used to Attract and draw that special person closer to you! Love can finally be yours, just make him or her come to you and be with you.
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Break-Up Super Power Doll Kit

The Break-Up Doll kit helps break-up any two people you know shouldn't be together! Breaks up any kind of relationship- Lovers or Friends
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Come To Me/Love Me Only Super Power Doll Kit

The Come To Me/Love Me Only Doll Kit will Draw and hold your lover close. Makes them desire and think about you, and ONLY YOU! You will be the object of their affection.
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Controlling/Do As I Say Super Power Doll Kit

The Controlling/Do As I Say Doll Kit will Control any situation with power! Make others respect and obey you! Have anyone do as you say and finally get what you want!
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Court Case Super Power Doll Kit

The Court Case Doll Kit will win that case and be found innocent of any accusations. Use this so the judge and jury will decide in your favor! Do not be troubled anymore! Works for lawsuits too!
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Destroy Addictions Super Power Doll Kit

The Destroy Addictions Doll Kit is used to stop any bad habits. You can destroy your addiction and be free from weakness! Use it on your loved ones too!
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Gamblers/Fast Luck Super Power Doll Kit

The Gamblers/Fast Luck Doll Kit is used to get luck in a hurry and to hit that winning jackpot! Be rich and lucky always! Works great for all games of chance!
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Good Health/Healing Super Power Doll Kit

The Good Health/Healing Doll Kit is Used to improve your health. Ease your aches and pains and suffer no more! Try this powerful doll kit when nothing else (medicine or doctors) is working! Also can be used on a friend or loved one.
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Help Free Someone From Jail/Law Super Power Doll Kit

The Help Free Someone From Jail/Law is Used to get someone out of jail or to get the law off of someone. Please follow the directions that come with the doll kit to have that someone come back from jail or get rid of the law!
$30.00 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Hex/Cross Your Enemies Super Power Doll Kit

The Hex/Cross Your Enemies Doll Kit is used to make your worst enemy suffer like you have suffered. Send back that evil to cross and confuse your enemy.
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Jinx Remover/Hex Breaker Super Power Doll Kit

The Jinx Remover/Hex Breaker Doll Kit Kills your jinx and bad luck fast! Breaks any hex or crossed conditions on you or your loved ones.
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Money Drawing Super Power Doll Kit

The Money Drawing Doll Kit will help Draw money to you FAST! Pull money from any source, just watch it roll in! Get money from those who owe you, win big at all games of chance, inherit it from close and distant relatives, or be blessed with a financial money miracle today!
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Moving/Get Away Super Power Doll Kit

The Moving/Get Away Doll Kit will Make your enemies or evil people move far away from you. Make them stay away for good! Get them out of your life so you are never bothered again!
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Peace/Protection Super Power Doll Kit

The Peace/Protection Doll Kit will keep you protected from all evil and enemies so you may have a peaceful life and peaceful home. Bring tranquility to you and your surroundings!
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Stop Gossip/Bad Talk Super Power Doll Kit

The Stop Gossip/Bad Talk Doll Kit will Make those nasty jealous people stop talking about you! Shut their mouths - make them stop spreading gossip and bad lies about you or your loved ones. Use this kit to quiet them at all times!
$32.98 $16.99

MAY SPECIAL: Turn Back Evil/Reversible Super Power Doll Kit

The Turn Back Evil/Reversible Doll Kit will Send the devil and all evil back to where it came from. Reverse all evil on you, even if you don't know who is sending it. Reverse it, Turn it around, and Suffer No More!
$32.98 $16.99