September Special: Powerful Jewelry

Our powerful Jewelry for Money Drawing, Prosperity, Double Luck, Protection, Power, and Lucky outcomes in Court Cases- are deeply discounted this month for all our customers. Take advantage of this deal now and get ahead of the game!

Save 50% on all of these powerful talisman necklaces and amulets in September!

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Double Luck Necklace

This double lucky talsiman does two things; it drives away bad luck and attracts good luck! Carry or wear with you always.
$25.00 $5.99

Large Pentagram

Ancient symbol of great power helps protect you against all evil and unseen forces! Large Silver Pentagram is said to give the wearer wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all matters.
$25.00 $5.99

Money Drawing Talisman Necklace

Carry or wear this powerful drawing talisman to pull fast cash to you! This talisman will bring financial blessings to you and your family. Do not be broke anymore! Just use this and anoint it with the money drawing oil (included) for extra strength!
From $5.99

Money Tree Necklace

Wear this money tree necklace to make you richer, happier, and luckier than you have ever been. Huge money blessings can be yours soon!
From $5.99

Seal Of Power Necklace

Carried to insure or restore good health, to strengthen one's faith, and to influence those around the possessor.
$24.95 $5.99

Stop Evil Necklace

Carry or wear to destroy all evil, jinx, and demons that come your way! Send back and reverse all evil. Comes with a 24 inch chain and a FREE bottle of Turn Back Evil Oil! Use the oil for Double Protection.
From $5.99

Win That Court Case Silver Necklace

This talisman will give you all the help you need to win your case or get it dismissed. Have the judge or jury rule in your favor. Or use it to lower your jail sentence. SILVER
$19.99 $5.99