July Special: Gemstones/Talismans

Gemstones and Talismans are objects from the earth or man-made objects, which are believed to hold magical and secret properties which bring good luck and protection from all harm, to the wearer or possessor. Various stones and talismans symbolize different energy forces for different purposes- deliverance from evil, spiritual blessings, getting and finding truth and justice in all matters or gaining victory over your enemies- just to name a few.  The Pentagram of Solomon or Solomon’s Seal is a legendary powerful talisman as is Black Agate a powerful gemstone- to name two examples.

In ancient times, people used to make their own talismans, but in today’s busy era when this is not always possible, it is highly recommended that the owner or possessor of the talisman rub it with his or her right hand constantly, upon receipt, so the owner’s aura and vibrations “rub off” on the talisman or gemstone- thereby “charging it” and “magnetizing” it personally.  

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JULY SPECIAL: Lucky Miracle Pendant: Chango Macho

High power conquering and controlling for any situation or condition. This African King was rich and loved by many woman. Call upon the power of Chango Macho and get what you want!
$15.95 $5.99

Powerful Gemstone Aventurine

Carry this stone when you are looking for that perfect job, or carry it it when you ask for a raise or promotion.
From $3.49

Powerful Gemstone Pyrite

If you put this stone under your pillow, you will have Lucky Dreams! Keep those nightmares away and dream pleasant things! It is said to give you Lucky Number Dreams to Win at Number Games!
From $3.49

Powerful Gemstone Hematite

This stone helps to remove all jinxed and crossed conditions! Gets rid of the evil inside of you and makes the Devil run far and fast! Repel Evil and Attract Luck!
From $3.49

JULY SPECIAL: St. Michael's Sword XXX Envelope Talisman

Block and destroy enemies with the sword of compelling force. St.Michael can help fight your battles. Fear no more! Wear this talisman as a powerful aid in gaining victory over evil. He is a defender of your every need. Pray to him to seek power and justice in all matters- big or small.
$9.99 $3.99

St. Lucy's Eyes XXX Talisman Envelope

Pray for justice in all matters. See the truth and gain knowledge.
From $3.99

Elegua XXX Envelope Talisman

Use for protection against all harm, evil, and jealousy.
From $3.99

JULY SPECIAL: Scared Heart Of Jesus XXX Envelope Talisman

Use for special assistance, guidance, confusing situations, special requests, and for rejoicing. Jesus can help you out in anything you ask, just believe.
$15.00 $3.99

St. Peter's Key

Comes with Free Blessing Oil & Carrying Bag plus prayer. This famous Shepherd of the Sheep, Prince of the Apostles is the Keeper of the Master Key to the gates of Heaven and all Salvation.
$15.00 $11.95