September Special: Jewelry

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Destroys Evil Necklace

Wear to destroy evil, jinx, and demons which come your way.
$25.00 $5.99

Protection Against All Evil Sword and Power Stone

This necklace will Break any Voodoo and Witchcraft Spells! Turns back Evil and be Protected from all Evil around you or your home! This piece creates a Protective Shield that will fight off all evil and keep you safe!
From $7.99

Snake Necklace

Wear or Carry this necklace to break all spells, hexes and curses. Make the Devil Run from you! Do not be under the hand of evil!
From $5.99

Pay Me Hand Necklace

Use this “Mystic Winning Hand” To Get and Draw Money to you, Quick! Get power and control over your finances, by Pulling in the money you need to get things you need and want, soon.
From $6.99

Money Buddha Necklace

Wear this lucky Buddha to have money be drawn to you from ALL SOURCES! Pull money and luck your way and change the way you live. Have Buddha luck and be HAPPY!
From $5.99

Money Tree Necklace

Wear this money tree necklace to make you richer, happier, and luckier than you have ever been. Huge money blessings can be yours soon!
From $6.99

Double Lucky Gambler's Necklace

Wear this powerful gamblers necklace with two claws. Get that "Extra money Pull" The claws surround a crystal ball which helps you draw money like a magnet. Win that money fast! Works for all games of chance!
$50.00 $14.99

Triple Power Lucky Millionaire's Necklace

Wear as a necklace or carry it as a pocket piece. Get the things you want and deserve with this Lucky Millionaire's Necklace and Pocket Piece! This will help unblock your money problems and guide you too huge riches so you will never be broke again! It shows the three powerful symbols of Luck! HORSESHOE, 4 LEAF CLOVER, AND LUCKY NUMBER 7!!!
From $7.99

Double Luck Necklace

This double lucky talisman does two things; it drives away bad luck and attracts good luck! Carry or wear with you always. SILVER
$19.99 $5.99

Double Luck Necklace

This double lucky talsiman does two things; it drives away bad luck and attracts good luck! Carry or wear with you always.
$25.00 $6.99

Prosperity Talisman Necklace

This beautiful medallion was originally designed by Islamic Royalty for Wealth and Good Fortune. This is a very powerful Money Drawing Talisman! Wear or carry it for money and an easy life!
$20.00 $7.99