January Special: Lucky Power Jewelry

These extremely powerful jewelry pieces are designed to bring you the luck and results you are looking for. We are featuring and offering big discounts on NINE of our lucky and powerful jewelry pieces (necklaces and bracelets). They are for a variety of purposes- good luck, prosperity, wishes come true, run devil run, destroy evil, high conquering, good health and protection and more. Be blessed today!

They are all power-packed and blessed and come with a chain or neck rope to wear. Or you may carry the jewelry piece in your pocket or purse- or keep safely in your home- where it can draw positive vibrations. It was believed that all magical powers would come to the one who wore this jewelry. Try today - stop suffering, be miserable no more. Be happy, joyous and free from all un-natural forces that are holding you down.

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JANUARY SPECIAL: Sterling Silver Genie Lamp Necklace

Grants up to 7 Wishes, Sterling Silver Chain for wearing, also. We honestly believe this BLESSED STERLING SILVER GENIE LAMP can work Instant Miracles for you.
$100.00 $26.99

JANUARY SPECIAL: All Purpose/ Luck in a Hurry Gemstone Bracelet

Contains the power to move mountains, if you concentrate on your desires.
$25.00 $6.99

JANUARY SPECIAL: Run Devil Run Hematite Bracelet

Wear this powerful Run Devil Run Agate Bracelet to destroy all evil, witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, and all spells or curses. It helps remove all jinxed and crossed conditions - get it out of you, your home, car, or workplace. Haven't you suffered enough? Conquer and control the evil forces that are holding you down!Stay protected with this High Quality Black Hematite Bracelet to make the devil run far and fast!
$14.95 $5.99

JANUARY SPECIAL: Destroys Everything (Evil) Pendant

Wear or carry to "Destroy Everything" that's holding you down, making you suffer, and causing you pain. It holds power to Destroy; enemies, evil, poor health, addictions, bad luck, jinx, heartache, money problems and spells on your. This pendant has been known to banish all effects of voodoo & witchcraft. It turns back (reverses) all evil on you.
$25.00 $11.99

JANUARY SPECIAL: Dragon Fire Pendant Necklace

Wear or carry this powerful necklace to create a Fiery Wall of Protection around you.
$30.00 $8.99

JANUARY SPECIAL: Double Power Reversible Snake Pendant Necklace

Wear or carry this ruby gemstone necklace to destroy all evil!
$30.00 $8.99

JANUARY SPECIAL: Ankh Cross Necklace

This powerful Ankh Cross is an Ancient Symbol worn by the Great Kings of Egypt. It is carried or worn as an Amulet to bring strength and good health. It is said to be the "Key to Life". It will protect you and bring you success wherever you go or whatever you do in life. It also displays a powerful center stone that drives away all evil. Comes with a black rope necklace.
$14.95 $7.77

JANUARY SPECIAL: Black Jade Stop Evil & Protection Necklace

This Black Jade necklace with the Lucky Protection Eye - turns back all evil upon contact. Wear or carry with you to always be protected from evil, harm, jealousy, and spell castings! This black jade stone "sees" all evil and sends it right back to the sender. Works to fight any voodoo or witchcraft.
$16.95 $7.77

JANUARY SPECIAL: Lucky "4" Conquer All Bracelet

Wear this lucky charmed bracelet to bring fast luck and to conquer all matters in love, money, health, protection and gambling games too! It holds 4 lucky and powerful symbols; heart for love, coin for money, 4-leaf clover for luck and cross for health, protection and special blessings. All of these lucky charms - when combined - have the power to Turn Back anything hold you down, Brings you luck in a hurry, Help you get what you want and Overcome all problems and bad situations - with Power!
$20.00 $7.77