November Special: Rev. Moses Spiritual Perfumes

These special perfumes are EXTRA STRONG, PURE and UNCUT. They smell nice and surround you with their powerful vibrations. Use these perfumes on your body for dressing candles, for putting in your mop or bath water, or on your charm bags. Many people use these perfumes to cleanseand purify their rooms and rid their houses of evil odors and influences. Comes in 1/2 or 4 ounce bottles.

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Lucky Elephant Extra Strong Perfume

Bring luck in a hurry and money to your wallet! The power of the lucky elephant will quide you to the best luck and riches!
From $2.79

Rev. Moses Special Release Extra Strength

Rev. Moses has been giving this special blessing to church goers all over Chicago for over 50 years. This perfume has great success, it releases money, and luck for happiness and good health. At the same time it unblocks any evil forces that are holding you down. Suffer no more!
From $2.79

Attraction Love Extra Strong Perfume

Attract a new lover or make your existing lover desire you like never before! With this perfume you will be irresistable!
From $2.79

Double Lucky Extra Strong Perfume

Draws love and money with double the power! Double up your luck with this powerful perfume and fianlly get what you want!
From $2.79

Follow Me Boy Extra Strong Perfume

Have him follow you and be under your control to get what you want or need. Stop him from running the streets and make him desire you and ONLY you!
From $2.79

November Special: Rev. Moses Extra Strong Money Drawing

This perfume is for men and women who wish to pull quick money. This will draw money to you from any source, and you will soon be living an easy life!
$7.98 $2.79

Hold Your Man Extra Strong Perfume

Make your man stay close and faithful to you and ONLY you. Keep him at your side and hold onto him. Do not let others interfere with your relationship!
From $2.79

Love Me Always Extra Strong Perfume

This special perfume will ensure your relationship to be true and everlasting! Do not let love escape you - make him or her stay ALWAYS!
From $2.79

Lucky Mojo Extra Strong Perfume

Turn your luck around in life! This Extra Strong Perfume helps to draw money into your life!
From $2.79

True Love Extra Strength Perfume

Find true love with this sweet smelling perfume. Find true love with no more lies, cheating, or playing games. Find your soul mate now!
From $2.79

Lucky Jockey Club Extra Strong Perfume

Have good luck on your side when gambling or playing and casino games. Win Big and Often!
From $2.79

Good Times Perfume Extra Strong Perfume

This perfume brings you peace, joy and GOOD TIMES! Use it to have Good Days and Good Vibrations! Works for all situations!
From $2.79