February Special: Colognes & Waters

These Powerful Blessed Waters and Colognes are wonderful to splash on your body after bathing or showering, or wearing before you leave your home in the morning. You may also dab them on your clothes, linens, in corners of rooms, or in your car- to achieve your desired results. Concentrate on your desires, before using.

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Special Blessed Notre Dame Water

Sprinkle the Special Blessed Notre Dame Water on your body if you are jinxed or crossed up by evil. Sprinkle in your home to stop confusion and evil and bring peace to you and your home.
From $4.99

Extra Strong Peace Water

The Extra Strong Peace Water brings peace and happiness to whoever and whenever it is used. Especially good for quarreling families and lovers. Have peace in your life today!
From $4.99

Triple Strength Rose Water

Use the Triple Strength Rose Water in your bath water or on body and in home to TURN BACK EVIL. Be protected from evil and enemies. This fresh scent will drive away evil fast and for good!
From $4.99

Strong Love Highest Power Cologne

Use the Strong Love powerful fragrance to enhance the passion in your relationship. Or use it to attract a special someone you have had your eyes on. Make him or her want you and only you! Works great and smells great.
From $4.99

February Special: Lucky 7 Holy Metals Cologne

The Lucky 7 Holy Metals Cologne is a strong powerful formula with 7 little magnetic stones Pull and Draw whatever you desire! Have money, strong love, fast luck, jackpots, better job, happy life, and more! IT CAN ALL BE YOURS! WORKS FAST! Trust the power of the Lucky 7 Holy Metals Cologne.
$14.95 $6.99