Try these powerful deodorant room sprays to get what you want. These sweet smelling sprays will create a peaceful, spiritual atmosphere so you can get results fast! All sprays come with directions. Spray in your selected area, make your wish and concentrate on what you want - and Get It! Use daily for maximum results! 14.4 oz cans!

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7 African Powers Spray

These 7 powerful African Saints help give you power over anything and anyone troubling you. Get control now!
$10.95 $9.95

All Purpose Spray

All Purpose Spray is good for any condition that you may want to use for.
$10.95 $9.95

Black Cat/Protection Spray

Protecs you from evil! Use the power of the black cat to stop evil in its path! Do not suffer anymore under the fist of evil, break free from the clutches of that spell!

Black Destroyer Spray

The Black Destroyer Spray has been known to banish all effects of Voodoo & Witchcraft. 14.4 oz Spray Can.

Break-Up Spray

Split up any two people and separate them for good. Breaks-up any kind of relationship. Break-up any two people so they never see each other again. Break-up and destroy any relationships that are causing you pain and suffering. Get that man or woman that was meant for you! 14.4 oz Spray Can.

Cleansing Spray

Cleanses the body and spirit. Fixes conditions, solves problems and moves evil and negative forces out of you.

Clearance Spray

Tired of the bad luck and bad vibes that haunt your life. Tired of feeling downtrodden, tired of nothing going your way. Clearance spray clears your home or place of business of jinx or hexed. Do not be under the palm of bad luck!!! Break free with clearance spray!
$10.50 $9.95

Come to Me Spray

The Come to Me Spray has a nice sweet smell that will drive your lover or special someone crazy! Spray to Draw and make your lover come to you, and stay close. 14.4 oz
$10.50 $9.95

Cross Of Caravaca Spray

Cross Of Caravaca brings the essense of holiness of God, Father and the Holy Ghost into your home and blesses all that spray it.
$10.95 $9.95

Deliverance Spray

Deliverance Spray! Do not feel that all that enters into your home is nothing but bad luck or bad vibes. Deliverance Spray welcomes in all that is good. Good Luck, Success & Great Vibes are what will arrive to your home when this spray is used!

Double Fast Luck Spray

Use for fast luck in anything you are trying to do. Have good luck all the time.
$10.95 $9.95

Dragon's Blood Spray

Make that evil go away from wherever it may be lurking. Do not feel the pressure of evil on your back! Get that hex out of here when you use this spray!

Drawing Power Spray

Need financial Help? Want to bring your lover closer to you? Feeling Jinxed or Crossed? Use this Drawing Power Spray to get that which you desire to you. Get that Man or Woman you've been wanting! Get that money that you deserve! Get that bad luck out of you!
$10.95 $9.95

Fast Money Spray

Financial difficulties getting you down? Have Fast Money come your way when using this spray! Use for any situation where you require financial help!

Go Away Evil Spray

Drive away evil that evil that may be jinxing your or just bringing you bad luck. This aromatic spray will drive those evil spirits from your home by blessing it and proctecting you.
$10.00 $9.95