Try these powerful deodorant room sprays to get what you want. These sweet smelling sprays will create a peaceful, spiritual atmosphere so you can get results fast! All sprays come with directions. Spray in your selected area, make your wish and concentrate on what you want - and Get It! Use daily for maximum results! 14.4 oz cans!

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Spirit of Good Luck Spray

Have good luck come your way with the Spirit of Good Luck. Spray this in your home, place of business or car to bring the king of good luck coming your way!

St. Barbara Spray

Know of people that are trying to hurt you? Do you or someone you know face legals problems all the time? Use St Barbara Spray and watch as the judge grants you justice! Use this spray and watch as those evil people go away from you!
$10.95 $9.95

St. Clara Spray

Feeling lonely? Feeling like the world is on your shoulders and your path is just not there? St. Clara clears up your mind and helps your spiritually with love and with life. St Clara protects and cares for all of the forgotten. Feel the warmth that is brought upon you when this spray is used.
$10.95 $9.95

St. Jude Spray

St. Jude will watch over you when using this spray.He is the saint of lost causes and suffering. Feeling down and lonely? Let St. Jude spray fill your home with the warmth of love and caring. Do not feel alone again.
$10.95 $9.95

St. Michael Spray

St. Michael will protect you and defend you from all that is evil. When using this spray feel no fear from evil. Feel the Proctective shield of one of Gods holiest warrior's.
$10.95 $9.95

Triple Strength Destroys Everything (Evil) House Blessing Spray

House Blessing Spray - Gets rid of, Destroys and Removes from you...the following: Evil & evil spirits, voodoo & witchcraft, bad luck and misery, curses & spells, jinxes & hex, aches, pains, & suffering, money & debt problems, all addictions & bad habits. Be Cleansed & Protected! Instructions included.

7 Knots Unbinding Spray

Feel the burden of bad luck poisoning your life? Tired of never getting that job you need or hitting that number worth millions? Break free of the curse of jinx, bad luck, hex and evil spells that your are under. Uncross yourself now, with 7 Knots Unbinding spray.
$9.98 $8.95

Casino Spray

Use to win at any Casino Game:Poker, Blackjack, Slots Machines, ect...Good to win at Casinos, Riverboats, and Vegas.
$10.00 $8.95

Come to Me Spray

Draw your lover, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend so close to you that he/she will have eyes for only you and never stray.
$10.00 $8.95

Court Case Spray

Win your lawsuit and keep the law and police away from you for good! Win your case or get it dropped.
$10.00 $8.95

Do As I Say Spray

Helps you be in control of any situation or problem. Make others obey you and do as you say!
$10.00 $8.95

Jinx Killer

Destroy and kill all the jinx that's making you feel so miserable. Get rid of all that bad luck and suffer no more!

King Solomon

Spray your home and gain all the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding needed to be happy and prosperous in this world.

Love Drawing Power Spray

Draw that special person to you, and YOU ONLY! Or keep your lover faithful and true to you.

Luck In A Hurry

WIN BIG MONEY SOON! Put an end to bad luck and you will see the many great things awaiting you!