How To Read The Human Aura and Create An Intelligent Life Form

Learn to read the human aura and create an intelligent life form.
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Learn to read the human aura and create an intelligent life form, all of which can be of great benefit to you. learn to read people and create a being of power all with the power of your mind! 

Learn how your "Tulpa" can assist in fulfilling all your desires and learn how you can read the human aura by blending a "psychic whirlwind" of stellar colors. 

All of which can be of great benefit to you!

The Masters of Spiritual Awareness speak precisely and clearly through DragonStar, founde of the Ancient Lodge of Atlantis, revealing occult secrets and techniques that have been passed down from both western occultist and eastern mystics. It is, we are told, the right time in our stage of human development to start sharing this information with worthy individuals looking to partake of an unworldy spiritual path.

Dragonstar reveals for the first time how there is no need to act alone in trying to call upon the great unseen universal force to grant your innermost desires and wishes. Only true Masters realize that you can actually create a "personal ectoplasmac" life form to be your "personal assistant" in mastering occult matters. In Tibet these life forms are known as "Tulpas" which are best described as independent creations that have their own consciousness, thought perceptions and feelings, and even their own memories.

Here you will learn how to create such a life or through form. Learn how thought forms and life forms best travel, and how your personally created Tulpa can effect others. Here are full description of their character, appearance and effects - and what you can expect a created life form to do and NOT do for you.

In this book, you will also learn how to read the human aura. Being able to view the aura produces a strong feeling of excitment, as great vibratory whirls and swirls are manifested in front of your eyes... the sigh is most fascinating. Nature is wise in bestowing the gift of astral vision only gradually and by almost imperceptible stages of advancement, as there are many bewildering, as well as pleasant, sights on the astral plane. The word "astral" means "of the stars" thus the astral plane, "the astral light" a factor considered of key importance in developing an individual's perceptions and psychic powers.

140 Pages

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