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The Little Big Book of White Spells

More than 200 Quick "White" Spells for Love, Money, Protection, Attraction, Healing , Happiness. and much more! These are simple and easy to follow spells that are Positive and not malicious towards others.
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More than 200 Quick White Spells for Love, Money, Protection & Happiness (and much more!). Do you want to make your world a better place?  You will love these simple, positive spells that brighten up your world and draw the good things in life to you. With candles, colors, special baths, crystals, and herbs, you can attract love and well being while removing negative influences. If you ever thought spellcasting was spooky or difficult, this little book will set your mind at rest. These spells are as simple as can be, and most can be done with things you probably already have at home. Hook up with your positive spiritual powers, and make a wonderful, magical transformation in your life!  

Simple actions, creative rhymes and sincere intentions can bring you your heart's deepest desires. Whether you want to create transformation in your relationships or you want to be a more self-confident, positive and influential person,  this book has the spells that you need. Find love, remove a curse, and bring the passion back to your relationship. Banish depression, protect yourself from negtive energy, or make your business successful. This book opens a whole new universe of potential for making positive changes for yourself, your loved ones and your community.

396 pages- Hard Cover.

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