Burn at least one a day to create positive vibrations. They have pleasant aromas and are effective!

Lucky Buddha Incense Stick

Burn one of these incense sticks to get the power of Buddha to help you get luck in all things you do in life.

Mantra Meditation Incense Sticks

Nandita Mantra Meditation Incense is the true traditional recipe of the most popular Indian incense enjoyed around the world.
$5.00 $2.95

Open Road Incense Sticks

Burning this incense will help to open all the doors that have been shut for you!

Patchouli Incense Stick

Burning one of these specially incense sticks will calm your soul and spiritual life.

Protection Incense Sticks

Burning this incense will help to protect you from evil and help to give you luck too.

Sage Incense Sticks

Burn to Remove Bad Spirits, Negative Feelings, and Evil Influences from Your Surroundings. Keep Away Evil People, Neighbors, spirits, and the Devil.
$5.00 $2.95

St. Michael Archangel Incense Sticks - Hem Brand

St. Michael the Archangel will protect you through your most difficult times in life.

White Sage Incense Sticks

Burn to reverse Bad Luck & Bad Health. improve your Health - Wipe Away Illness and Suffering. Cleanse & Purify your body, mind & soul.
$5.00 $2.95

Siete Machos Incense Sticks

Say your wish, and burn at least one per day.