January Special: Highest Power Blessed Waters

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Destroy Evil Black Water

This special blessed Destroy Evil Black Water works to destroy all evil inside and around you. Makes the devil run and be gone for good! Use this water daily to get rid of it fast!
From $3.99

Extra Strong Clear Water (Old Indian)

Use this Extra Strong Clear Water to reunite two loved ones, or for protection from suffering and enemies, and for healing. Extra strong formula!
From $3.99

Four Thieves Vinegar

The Super Strong Four Thieves Vinegar is good for MOVING ENEMIES OUT of your way and keeping them away from you for good. Chase your enemies away and do not be bothered by their negative attitudes and malicious actions anymore!
From $3.99

Triple Strength Glory Water

Glory Water is Triple Strength for ALL PURPOSES use! It is for all problems and conditions. This glory water will give you the strength and serenity to conquer all things.
From $3.99

Holy Water

Sprinkle on body or in home to RECEIVE HOLY BLESSINGS. Have peace, happiness, and prosperity.
From $3.99

Kananga Water

The Triple Fast Kananga Water is a fast acting African Power formula that heals all aches & pains & gives you peace of mind. It will help you stop confusion while it boosts your energy at the same time. Use this and you will be able to conquer all!
From $3.99

Very Powerful Lavender Water

Powerful love potion. Use in laundry, bed sheets, clothes to make your lover want only you! And respect you and give you money. This Highly Spiritual Water is known to have a Powerful Calming effect on your brain and body and is also known to Relax your nerves and Ease your tension, so you are stress and pain free.
From $3.99

Lourdes Water

Use Lourdes Water on any part of your body that hurts. This blessed water will ease your pain and make you feel good again!
From $3.99

Special Blessed Notre Dame Water

Sprinkle the Special Blessed Notre Dame Water on your body if you are jinxed or crossed up by evil. Sprinkle in your home to stop confusion and evil and bring peace to you and your home.
From $3.99

Triple Strength Rose Water

Use the Triple Strength Rose Water in your bath water or on body and in home to TURN BACK EVIL. Be protected from evil and enemies. This fresh scent will drive away evil fast and for good!
From $3.99

Saint Clara Water

Helper of the Poor and Needy, who Brings, Peace, Comfort & Joy to the sick and suffering. A very Saintly & Devout Woman.
From $3.99

Highest Quality War Water

The Highest Quality War Water will Conquer your problems with Power! Sprinkle where your enemy walks or touches and cross them, move them and make them suffer like you have. Turn your luck around!
From $3.99

Camphor Water

Gain victory over any enemies working against you! Protect yourself from all evil, jinx or harm and stop your enemies in their tracks!
From $3.99

Extra Strong Peace Water

The Extra Strong Peace Water brings peace and happiness to whoever and whenever it is used. Especially good for quarreling families and lovers. Have peace in your life today!
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