January Special: Lucky Power Jewelry

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Miracle Money Stone Necklace

This necklace is very powerful in giving the wearer a money miracle. When you feel like all hope is gone and you need money bad then just wear this money drawing necklace and watch the money start rolling in! Get money from any source! Rub it when playing games of chance and scratch lottery tickets with it!
From $12.99

Protection Against All Evil Sword and Power Stone

This necklace will Break any Voodoo and Witchcraft Spells! Turns back Evil and be Protected from all Evil around you or your home! This piece creates a Protective Shield that will fight off all evil and keep you safe!
From $12.99

Money Buddha Necklace

Wear this lucky Buddha to have money be drawn to you from ALL SOURCES! Pull money and luck your way and change the way you live. Have Buddha luck and be HAPPY!
From $12.99

The Lucky Hand Gambler's Necklace

The lucky hand combined with the crystal ball sets up a magnetically charged field force that acts like a money drawing power magnet! It will bring the wearer many winning's and riches!
From $12.99