Jar Salts

Sprinkle in your house - in corners of every room, in closets, in drawers, or under furniture. Can Be used in bath and mop water, too. Sweet smelling. These powerful salts can be used to help you conquer any problems or negative  conditions that you are facing in life- whether they be money, love, job issues or problems with friends, enemies or co-workers.

They are energized and highly fragranced to give a potent boost to whatever desires you are seeking.

Large 4 oz Jar - 1 LB also available.

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Uncrossing Foot Salt

DO NOT FEAR EVIL ANYMORE! Stop suffering and get out of your misery! Use this powerful Uncrossing Foot Salt to make your enemies leave you alone, for good. Sprinkle it wherever any evil or jinx lurks, sprinkle around your enemies to make them move! Uncrossing Foot Salt also helps GET RID OF EVIL INSIDE YOU, Just bathe in the salts or soak your feet in them. This scent is formulated to chase away evil and bad vibrations!
From $5.00

Road Opener Bath and Sprinkling Salt

Road Opener Salt will help you to open up all Blocked Life Paths. Open your Way to Good Luck, Good Fortune, Money, and even Love. This and more can be yours!
From $3.49

Stop Evil and Protection Bath and Sprinkling Salt

Use Rev. Moses Stop Evil and Protection Bath and Sprinkling Salt to turn back all evil and send it back from where it came from. Stop evil from spirits, the dead, evil people, enemies, and the devil. Be protected from further attacks - suffer no more!
From $3.49

Uncrossing Bath and Sprinkling Salt

Use Rev. Moses Uncrossing Bath and Sprinkling Salt to remove all crosses put on you by evil spirits or enemies. If you feel jinxed, hexed, or crossed up use this Uncrossing Bath and Sprinkling Salt to destroy the jinx and uncross yourself so that you can move on. Be free and uncrossed!
From $3.49

Reversible Bath and Sprinkling Salt

Rev. Moses Reversible Bath and Sprinkling Sat to make all the bad luck, jinxes, hexes and curses that your enemies have put on you - have it all be reversed to them! Send all the negativity back to those that have tried to put it on you!
From $3.49

Fast Luck/ Money Drawing Bath and Sprinkling Salts 4 oz Jar

Draw Luck, Money, and Success to you FAST! Turn your Luck around and finally WIN BIG! Can be used to Draw Money and Good Fortune, as well as bring Luck to any Casino, Gambling, Bingo- or any games of chance!

Stop Evil / Run Devil Run Triple Strength Bath and Sprinkling Salt 4 oz Jar

Stop the Devil in his tracks! Have all evil spirits run away from you! Use this powerful Bath and Sprinkling Salt to remove any evil from you and keep enemies away FOR GOOD!

Jinx Killer/ High Conquering Triple Strength Bath & Sprinkling Salts 4 oz Jar

Opens Roads to Health, Wealth, & Prosperity. Busts through any blocks or forces that are holding and keeping you down and preventing you from the Success that you know you deserve and want. These Blessed Crystals have the power to kill all jinx and Help you overcome all problems and bad situations in your life - so you can CONQUER ALL or ANY conditions that are troubling you - and with POWER!

Destroy Everything Triple Strength Bath & Sprinkling Salt 4 oz Jar

Gets rid of, Destroys and Removes from you...the following: Evil & evil spirits, voodoo & witchcraft, bad luck and misery, curses & spells, jinxes & hex, aches, pains, & suffering, money & debt problems, all addictions & bad habits. Be Cleansed & Protected!

Holyland Mineral Bath Salt

Holyland Mineral Bath Salt is especially formulated for healing and relaxation. Use it to: 1. Get relief from misery and extreme pains from Arthritis, Rheumatism, and other musclular aches. 2. Ease pain and reduce swelling and speed recovery from sprains, bruises, and sore muscles. 3. Soak Aching feet and feel the power of this special blend of pure sea salts and healing oils. 4.Also relieves high tension and clears up skin irritations. Good for Eczema and Psoriasis
From $5.95