July Special: Lucky Power Jewelry

Choose from among 3 of the most powerful jewelry pieces found anywhere! Destroy all evil forces in your life; Draw money and gambling winnings to you; and attain power and wisdom with our special offering this month.

We are featuring the All-Seeing Eye Money Jackpot Bracelet, the Destroys Everything Evil Necklace/Talisman, and the almighty Solomon's Seal Power Necklace.

Be Lucky, Be Happy, Be Protected. You can't lose!


Solomon's Seal Necklace

Protects you against all evil and enemies. Chases away the devil and all evil spirits. The most powerful mystical talisman known to mankind. Be happier, richer, luckier and healthier.
$11.95 $5.99

Destroys Everything (Evil) Necklace

Powerful talisman Destroys many things: Evil, Enemies, Witchcraft, the Devil, Voodoo, Jinx and Spells on you, Aches, pains, addictions, bad luck, money problems and more!
$14.95 $7.99

Money Jackpot Bracelet

Get Luck in a Hurry for all money problems. Specially formulated to See the Winning Numbers- Hit that Jackpot!
$12.95 $7.99