July Special: Powerful Roots

Use these SUPER-CHARGED ROOTS and ITEMS from the EARTH! See the powerful results they bring you today!

These powerful, rare roots and herbs come from the all-natural earth. Roots and Herbs can be carried in your pocket, purse, wallet or hidden in a secret place, where no one knows they are working for you. 

Reverends, Ministers, Root workers, and Spiritual Advisors swear by the power and effectiveness of these extra-strong old-time roots and herbs - which get rid of any Un-natural conditions, spells or jinx on you.

High John the Conqueror Root

Conquer your worst problems-with power. Helps put you in control. Known to Draw Money & Good Luck and Drive Away Evil & Jinx.
$4.99 $3.49

Buckeye Root

All roots come with a FREE CARRYING BAG and INSTRUCTIONS. These powerful natural roots help get rid of unnatural conditions. Roots can be carried easily, so no one knows that they're working for you. It's your secret ONLY! Reverends, ministers and root workers swear by the power and effectivness of the extra strong old-time roots.
$7.98 $4.99

Chew John Root

Carry for FAST LUCK in anything-Lottery or Gambling games, job, money or family problems. financial
From $2.49

Low John the Conqueror Root

Bury in your backyard or in the basement of your home to send back any evil spell cast on you.
From $2.49

Mojo Beans

Place in mojo bags to give you money, luck and the good things in life. Or carry to WIN at ANYTHING YOU TRY!
From $2.49


The most powerful gambling amulet. You can win big with this root. Keep with you when ever gambling.
From $2.49